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Link, Not Zelda.


     While reading a writer that I read frequently, I stumbled upon a link that I found interesting, and eventually came across results I had been anticipating. 


  1. My point about the Yankees defense needing serious improvements is emphasized because of these Fielding Bible awards, if one thinks anything of them.  There is a category called “Trailers” and the Yankees have four starting players within this category:  Jason Giambi, who will most likely be dismissed.  Robinson Cano, who had a miserable season, because as good as he finished, those first few months actually DO count.  Derek Jeter, who should rebound next season, but his D will most likely not be any better.  Bobby Abreu, who may or may not return.  1B will improve almost by default, just about anyone that takes over should be better defensively, and if it is Tex then it will be a HUGE upgrade.  Cano should at least be better, right?  And Abreu still hits well, and has less ground to cover than some right fielders, and resigning him to a two year deal if possible is a good idea.  Point being?  To rip on an arch rival, of course.  Not really, the point is that the Yankees won 89 games this season, which is pretty good.  Improving upon the defense will improve the team, especially if they go after another pitcher that keeps the ball on the ground.  When three of four of a teams infielders are “trailing,” then that is not a good sign at all.



     Right herehere, and even right here, one can find why Mike Jacobs isn’t necessarily the best idea for a rebuilding Royals franchise.  Jacobs hits for power, but as they all point out, he is non-existent against lefties.  But the main flaw with Jacobs, other than an inability to field, is that he just does not get on base.  The first link consists of a good article about Dayton Moore.  And one of Moore’s quotes was that the organization needs to stress the “importance of OBP.”  Well, Jose Guillen was a mistake, and I am assuming that these quotes were taken after that terrible signing.  But now, the Royals have two guys, that hit for some power, and make outs at a rather alarming rate.  Jacobs’ road OPS is superior on the road, naturally, because he has played in a pitchers park.  A .337 road On base is ok, but the last two seasons it has been slightly below that.  And there is better overall talent in the AL, I think, so the competition that Jacobs faces will be more difficult to succeed against.  The other main concern with this trade is that the Royals have guys who can play first and/or DH.  I just believe in OBP, and the Royals will hit a few more home runs, there just might not be anyone on base.  Also, half dimensional players, who are 28, may not fit into a teams plans when they realistically may not be competitive for a few years, at least.  But anyway, Happy belated birthday, Mike Jacobs, as it was yesterday!


     And finally, if you are not reading this guy’s blog then you are behind in the times…