Two Important Things.

Another installment over at “Fire Brand of the AL,” in which I encourage readers to chime in on why they think Josh Beckett “struggled” in 2008.  And I wrote it so please read and leave a comment over there if possible. 

And Starbucks apparently takes a hit after a Consumer Reports report.  I have switched to Folgers 1/2 the caffeine to limit my caffeine intake (and green tea sometimes).  Which means that if I want to enjoy another cup of my name before I write a blog, it will not be at the expense of my extreme paranoia 🙂  Starbucks isn’t bad, I don’t think anyway.  But yes, the black coffee they have is overrated.  However, since the coffee is conveniently located at every corner, in every city, one cannot help to stop in, at least on occasion.  They do offer other drinks–latte’s, etc–that I don’t necessarily drink, but that I am sure others enjoy.  And while their plain coffee may not be up to par, the other drinks will still bring in plenty of business.  Last time I checked, those kinds of drinks aren’t easy to make at home.