About joefromnewhampshire

My name is Joe. I currently reside in
Orlando, Fl. I dedicate large amounts of time to researching
the game, organizing what I gather, and then applying it in
writing. Just like any other fan/writer of the game, I am
learning every day. So even though I am confident in my
ability to analyze the game, there is always room for
improvement in how I analyze it. And I am open to
constructive criticism in regards to how to improve upon
that. Statistics are what I believe in. The numbers mean much
more than some think, but perhaps, even less than others
think. A metric may not tell us everything that a player is,
but the *right* metrics can come pretty close to letting us
know how much a player impacts a game, a season, a decade…


Baseball, human nature, music, movies,
exercise, video games, sobriety.