Billy Benius strikes again!

Miguel Tejada back to his old terrain

The Orioles re-contractually obligated Miguel Tejada.  This is not a good move.

Of course, it is not a bad move either.  The Orioles needed a 3B and
Tejada fills that void.  Sure, he has been living off of Houston’s
friendly “pull-hitter” confines, but I guess it is conceivable that he
isn’t as bad as his road stats.

The one thing that could happen.  Tejada COULD have a nice first
half and be moved to a contender needing a versatile bat off the bench.

But the odds of Tejada hitting well, in the AL East, against the Red
Sox, Yankees, Blue Jays, and Rays, pitching staffs, is, well, not good.

So the move seems to be more about a stop-gap at third, then
potential trade bait.  Because Tejada just isn’t a good baseball player

But I’ve been surprised before…

Billy Benius strikes again:

Billy Beane is a magician.  He pulls things out of a hat…and simply wins ballgames.

Ok, that is a fallacy.

Beane got a lot of praise for winning with little money.

Now, he gets a lot of crap for losing with little money.

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    Every game has little involvement of money.Since as you said Tejada is not a good player anymore maybe it’s thetime for him to win this game.
    – essay writers

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