Officially excited about the Beltre era.

Wow, best defensive third baseman of all time?

According to the well-minded Dave Cameron, it certainly seems like a possibility.

According to UZR, Beltre has posted one negative number, and a bunch
of positive numbers, no less than 9.4.  And the 9.4 extends all the way
up to 23.1.

The negative number is clearly an outlier, and most likely occurred
simply because of the fickleness of the metric, when used for a single

And found via Rob Neyer’s blog, is a nine minute highlight reel of Beltre’s best defensive plays during his tenure in Seattle.

It will be funny throughout the season when Beltre strikes out twice
against the Yankees, the casual fan residing in the Bronx will dismiss
his ability to play baseball.

But the casual fan won’t understand that defense matters too. 
Something that I have been growing more and more aware as time passes.

But then again, why am I listening to the “casual fan” to begin with?

I don’t know, but they get on my nerves, regardless of their ability to analyze, well, “ability.”

But yes, I am officially excited to see Beltre in action.  His range
is clearly superior to Lowell’s now, and Lowell’s even in his prime. 
He plays the ball right at him especially well it seems, and charges
the ball probably better than anyone (Lowell had trouble charging the
ball, as he runs slower than most DH’s).

Granted, Beltre will whiff, he will not get on base all that much. 
But the defense and flashes of power should be more than enough to make
this analyst favor his terms of agreement…

…and enough to make this fan excited too.


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