Matt Holliday, the overpaid, but good LF.

Holliday finally inked a deal

Maybe I am in the minority here, but I just cannot see a conceivable
situation where I would have signed Holliday to this deal.  Put me as
GM of any team, with any payroll, and assume they have a need in left
field.  I just couldn’t bring myself to commit this kind of money to
Matt Holliday, over this amount of time.

I know that I expressed this already, but Holliday just has to many question marks to be payed like one of the best in the game.

Now, he could play like one of the best, and in hindsight, this
contract may be fine.  But as of now, even if I was the Yankees and
committed to spending this season (And needed a LF), I just wouldn’t
have brought in Holliday.

But maybe that’s just me…

Hall of Fame standards?

I have been looking through the ‘WAR’ leaderboards lately, the
all-time ones.  And I have come to a half-conclusion that between 55-69
career ‘WAR’ is a very debatable player.  Anything 70 or greater seems
like a shoe-in.

For example, Trammell, Raines, Dawson, Edgar, Larkin, Olerud, they
all have more than 55 ‘Wins’ but fewer than 70.  And all can be debated
in my opinion, although eventually all should probably get in, with the
exception of the one that just got inducted (Dawson).

Remember, stats aren’t everything, and ‘WAR’ is only one metric, but it gives a great reference to start.

If one were to say, “Hey, maybe Harold Baines was good enough.”  You know, based on that “feeling” every fan has.

They then can go and check his career ‘WAR’ and see that he
accumulated only 37 “wins.”  You quickly realize that he isn’t even a
borderline candidate.  He becomes a solid player, but far from
Cooperstown material.

Poz erroneous on one account

Joe Posnanski is one of, if not the best writer of baseball.

But voting for Dale Murphy really is kind of contradictory, don’t you think?

This is a guy that doesn’t necessarily rip apart undeserving
candidates, but points out why they shouldn’t be inducted to the Hall.

And Dale Murphy most likely doesn’t deserve.  He posted a 44 ‘WAR,’ which by my standards fall shorts.

If he is going to dismiss Rice’s worthiness, then he can’t really be an advocate for Murphy, can he?

I don’t know, but Murphy just wasn’t good enough, for long enough.

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