Red Sox find gem in the bargain bin.

To be honest, I am stunned that a player like Adrian Beltre was even
in the bargain bin to begin with.  He seemed to be destined for a three
year, $30 million dollar deal.  And I was okay with that.  Okay. 

Four years would have been too many, and any less, in terms of years, would have been a good deal for the Red Sox.

Well, they got that good deal.  One year, $9 million, with a player option of $5 million for 2011. 

Talk about a steal. 

Beltre is far from a great player.  But he is an instant upgrade over
the declining Lowell, and his swing is built for the “Monster.” 

may have bounced back, and he MIGHT have found a little more of his
range.  But he is older, and that is not something one should expect. 

Red Sox fixed that problem, they signed someone who is regarded as one
of the best defenders at the Hot Corner, and who is a decent offensive
player as well. 

Great deal for the Red Sox. 


  1. levelboss

    defensively, definitely an upgrade but offensively.. Lowell’s numbers for power/average are still better than that of Beltre’s

    i think with Boston’s solid rotation and excellent defense they’ll definitely be a strong team this year, but so far the power outage continues (imho)

  2. joefromnewhampshire

    Beltre’s numbers have been suppressed by Safeco though. His road numbers are much better since he signed in Seattle. I always felt that Lowell was a product of Fenway. At this point, in my opinion, Beltre is the better power bat. And of course he is an upgrade defensively. But the price is right…

  3. redsox1027

    A little confused by the Beltre signing but also intrigued at having another stellar defender on the team, and looking forward to his becoming a fan favorite. Sad to see Mike Lowell the odd man out though – he deserved another season at least with the Sox.

  4. joefromnewhampshire

    I like that Theo is all business though. If they don’t think Lowell will cut it, they go out and get someone who they think can. It is a good trait for a GM, although none of us like to see players leave that we have enjoyed.

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