The price too steep for Adrian Beltre?

Worth $15 million?

According to Fangraphs,
Adrian Beltre is worth between $10-$15 million to the Red Sox.  $15
mill is too high for me personally.  But three years, $30-$33 million
seems about right for a player that will be 34 when that hypothetical
contract retires.

It is not that I dislike Beltre, he has value.  He is a pull hitter
that would benefit greatly with a move from Safeco to Fenway.  And his
defense is very good, at worst.  So if the Red Sox did agree to sign a
deal–bringing in the defensive wiz–it would give them a lineup
looking something like this (The way I would do it anyway):










Ellsbury would of course leadoff, even though I would much rather
have Pedroia doing that job.  But Pedroia does not feel comfortable
being the first to bat, so what are you gonna do?

Ortiz needs to earn his spot in the lineup back.  Believe me, I hope
he hits 50 home runs and gets on base as much as anyone in the game.

But he won’t.

So until then, I think he must show signs of what he used to be before Francona wastes at bats on him.

This lineup is not great.  There are flaws, definitely.  But with
the Green Monster lingering for all to play pepper with, the team could
potentially, and very realistically, have nine hitters that equal or
exceed the league average in OBP.  And since all of them would be
contributing nicely in that area, the team would once again finish in
the top few teams in the statistic overall.

Sure, Miguel Cabrera would be great.  A guy that can hit any pitch
coming at him, and can get freaky hot come playoff time–possibly

But as Rob Neyer always says, “A run saved is as good as a run scored.”  Or something like that.

And preventing runs would be a serious strength, allowing the offense to need fewer runs.

Simple as that.  🙂

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