I think a minnow dove in the ocean.

Cubs make a “splash”

Byrd is a nice little player to have.  An okay player who apparently
can man center field.  And manning center field is kind of important
when a team, well, needs a center fielder.

Is Byrd going to bull anyone over with his talents?

No.  But he has some value.  I don’t necessarily like the 3 year
deal aspect of it, for he is a player that has been significantly
better at home than on the road.

Weaker league, and a hitter friendly park should still allow him to
look half-decent at the plate.  But Byrd is simply the definition of a
complementary piece of the puzzle..

A’s ink Justin Duchscherer

To be honest, I was thinking a lot about these kinds of deals being
made by the Pirates this season.  Maybe it is just me, but doesn’t
something need to be done in Pittsburgh?

I mean, they must have some money to spend over there, as they
traded away anyone that was making anything that mattered (Jason Bay,

But couldn’t they get the fans excited and sign a bunch of non-type A free agents to one and two year deals?

The short term would be much more exciting, and since they wouldn’t
lose a first round pick, then they wouldn’t compromise the future, not
too any significant degree.


What about Escobar, Duchscherer, Nick Johnson, maybe Erik Bedard, maybe an Andruw Jones.

Sure, the plan is destined to fail, but the people will care a
little more.  And who knows, maybe with a little luck they could finish
5 or 6 games out with some of the right moves.

Of course, the players would have to want to play in a dreadful situation.

But I hear the city is pretty nice…

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