A statistical annoyance.

I am a stat guy.  I believe in the numbers, and I value
objectivity.  I really do.  And I have seen what the subjective does in
the valuation of players from a fans standpoint.  That doesn’t mean
numbers are everything.  But I would prefer someone say so and so is
good because he gets on base a ton and plays defense, rather than
because he had a key hit in a “high leverage” situation, a situation
where each and every player will come through multiple times throughout
their career, to varying degrees.

But sometimes this “objective” look at players sometimes feels to be an all out agreement amongst the statistical minds.

Take for example the current crop of potential Hall of Famers on the
ballot this season.  It seems that every well known stat guy thinks the
following players are worthy:

Bert Blyleven

Tim Raines

Barry Larkin

Alan Trammell

Edgar Martinez

Roberto Alomar

And you know what?  I don’t think that any of them should end up out of Cooperstown.  Not with any authoritative opinion anyway.

Each and every one has a very strong case, and each and every one might deserve enshrinement.

But does any of that make it less annoying when all of these
sabermetricians pencil in the same hypothetical ballot?  Not really,
not to me.

The numbers game has become meaningful, and incredibly accurate. 
But also somewhat annoying.  If they all think the same way, doesn’t
the entertainment in their writing become less, well, entertaining?

Maybe I am the same way…I would probably vote for all of the players listed above, and would vote for McGwire too.

But if I did that, then I would understand if you became bored with me too.


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