What are ya gonna do?

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When the Red Sox offered Jason Bay four years, $60 million, they
offered more than enough for the defensive liability that is Jason
Bay.  Bay quickly declined, and decided that his best interests are
exploring the free agent market.


Bay was given a very fair, make that more than fair contract offer,
and he chose to see what else is out there.  Whether that be for
location (he’s from the northwest), or for financial reasons (another
team may make the mistake of giving him too much).

Bay can hit, and he can hit anywhere.  We know that.  But we also
know that his skill-set doesn’t age particularly well.  He can’t play
defense, and is a corner outfielder that may need to be a DH to not
hinder his teams chances down the road.  He walks back to the dugout
often without putting the ball in play.  And he struggles with the
breaking stuff.

Simply put, at age 35, Bay may be simply taking a roster spot that
could be used more resourcefully, especially for the money he might be
getting paid.

With that being said, the Red Sox have a need, and they have the
ability to flex their financial muscles when needed, at least in most
cases.  If Bay doesn’t play left field, then who?

Matt Holliday?  Many questions lingering around him, and more money involved.

Josh Reddick?  After he performs consistently in the minors, then give me a call.

A platoon?  Talk to me AFTER Jeremy Hermida learns how to use his God-given skills.

They could take a chance on something, and if it works, then it works.  If it doesn’t, then so be it.

Bay is the safest, for he is a known quantity, but he too brings much risk.

Reddick and whoever else is in the minors would be the most financially sensible plan, but they too have questions.

If Bay doesn’t want this contract, the Red Sox should not budge at all.  They have more important things in mind.

And that is the future…


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