Jarrod Washburn adjusting, or regressing?

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Jarrod Washburn was having a heck of a season up in the northwest of
Seattle.  An ERA+ of 164.  An FIP well under 4.00.  It was an unlikely
occurrence, given his lack of greatness in recent seasons.  But it was
a welcomed occurrence on his part, for who wouldn’t want to have a good

Washburn was then moved to Detroit, a team in contention, for a
return of a few young, semi-promising players.  And since that day, he
has been struggling.

A 6.04 ERA.

But what is the reason?  Is Washburn finally regressing back to
himself?  Or is it simply a guy adjusting to a new environment? After
all, he is human right?  He is not the FIP-bot, or robo-ERA man.  He is
a dude learning a new life, in a new city.  The sampling is much too
small to begin with.  But the struggles have still been there.

Not sure of the reason, but Washburn seems to be having issues on a
team that went out and acquired him based on the notion that he’d help
them get over the hump in the AL Central.

And so far, he hasn’t accomplished that, not even close.


  1. TribeTed

    Jarrod Washburn is a great pitcher, and sorry to say, but ERA is a totally overrated stat. Washburn can still get wins with a high ERA. Take this, Rafael Perez, a relief Pitcher for the Indians has an ERA of over 8.00. But he has been pitching wonderful. ERA doesn’t matter as long as you are getting W’s.

  2. TribeTed

    And as you were saying had a great season in Seattle. He did, but that is also a pitcher’s park, one of the best in the game… and alot of deep flyballs stayed in the park, compared to Detroit, that left the park. And the gaps in Detroit lead to triples, not doubles and alot of circling of the bases, which didn’t happen in Seattle.

  3. joefromnewhampshire

    I used ERA+ with Seattle, which makes an effort to take into account the effects of a ballpark. I also don’t personally like to use “wins” as a stat because there are way too many variables. I use ‘FIP.’ Which is home runs allowed, K’s, and walks, expressed in the form of ERA. By the way, this is my new site…


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