Ryan Zimmerman: Defender of the hot corner.

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Is Ryan Zimmerman now the best defensive 3B in baseball?

His UZR this season is 16, which is tops in baseball at the hot
corner.  And his 35.5 UZR over the past three seasons is also best at
the position.  And unlike some stat guys, I will admit I haven’t seen a
whole lot of Zimmerman’s play.  But I have seen him play.  And
his defense is not just statistical gibberish.  Zim’s definitely the
real deal on the defensive side of the ball.

But just for good measure, his Plus/Minus from 2006-2008 was sixth,
which is still really good.  But he was still evolving as a baseball

I think that Zimmerman has grabbed the torch from the Inge’s and
Feliz’s of the world.  But I may be underestimating their greatness…

If there was one guy I needed to defend third, how could I go against Zim?

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