Derek Jeter or Mark Teixeira?

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Many across the blogosphere, across the message boards, across the
baseball world, have acknowledged that Derek Jeter might be more
valuable than Mark Teixeira this season.  This all of course is in
response to the original “Tweet” put out by Tyler Kepner, writer for the New York Times.

Joe Mauer is the MVP.  That is pretty obvious to me, Joe Po, and Rob Neyer.  Two that I have learned a lot from over the years.

But as far as more deserving out of the two Yankees players?  Both
are having great seasons, and both should finish in the top ten.  With
the market they play in, there is little doubt that they will finish in
that top ten.  But aside from the market, they both deserve it.

But who has been more valuable?

Let us start with the most telling metric/statistic:  WAR.  ‘WAR’
likes Jeter more, although not by any significant margin.  Jeter’s is
4.9, Tex’s is 3.9.  So according to that, Jeter’s been worth an extra
win compared to Teixeira.  Okay, so maybe a win is pretty
“significant.”  But that isn’t the only metric that should be taken to

WARP1 actually suggests that Tex has been more valuable.  5.4 “Wins
above replacement player.”  That is superior to Jeter’s 4.2.  Of
course, David Aardsma is ahead of Jeter, so I don’t know how seriously
WARP should be taken in the first place.

Another look, another flaw in WARP.  There is no way that Jeter
is less valuable than Aardsma.  I’m sorry, but I cannot be convinced. 
Jeter plays every day, while Aardsma appears a few innings a week.

Just for the record though, Joe Mauer’s WARP is 7.0.

Runs created you say?  Jeter trails by a mere four runs.  Tex with 83, Jeter with 79.

Look, metrics give us some perspective based on positional
adjustment.  Something that isn’t so easy to discover based on simply
watching.  Jeter plays SS, so the value in that is great, much more so
than Tex’s quality play at first.  If Jeter was sub-par at short as in
past seasons, then a different case would be made.  But Jeter’s glove
has actually been worth quite a bit this season, more than Teixeira’s.

Anyway, to simplify the batting, here are the line’s:

Jeter:  .320/.387/.463

Tex:  .288/.385/.562

Tex has a huge edge in Slugging.  But couldn’t the difference very
well be made up in positional adjustment?  Couldn’t the fact that Jeter
plays short close that gap by a wide margin?  And remember, he’s played
a solid SS according to every metric out there, so it isn’t like he is
hurting his team in the field.

I guess the point is, both are having great seasons for the best
team in baseball–as much as it pains me to say the “best team”
statement.  The first part would never “pain” me.  I don’t care how
many “MVP’s” the Yankees have if the Red Sox are the better team.  But
as of now, the Yankees are clearly better.

So Joe Mauer is my MVP, obviously up until this point.  And Jeter
and Tex are close as to who is the more viable candidate in terms of
Yankees players.

I guess this all stems from Kepner’s tweet being seen by Rob Neyer,
who in turn wrote a post.  Then Poz decided to write a post, then

The blogosphere is a funny place to be sometimes.

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