Jarrod Washburn a Tiger.

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  • Detroit acquires Washburn: So Jarrod Washburn is now a Tiger
    But is he worth it?  I know he developed a new pitch, or so I heard. 
    But his BABIP sits at .249, and his LOB percentage is at 79.5.  Neither
    of those are probably going to continue.  But he has defied the mean on
    those two all season long.  But in any case, he moves from a good
    defensive unit backing him up, to another good defensive unit.  So his
    ERA will still have that help, although almost has to go up
    eventually–I would think anyway.  The Mariners definitely made the
    right move, as they moved a free agent to be, to get younger, and
    potentially better in the future.  Luke French doesn’t look like a
    special pitcher, but looks like he will be capable–although I have
    never scouted him  🙂  But based on the numbers, they seem like he can
    be decent enough.  But the other prospect is yet to be named, and that
    is kind of big in analyzing this trade…
  • Mark Kotsay leading off?: Why in the world was Mark Kotsay
    batting leadoff for the White Sox last night?  What logic does this
    present?  A leadoff man’s main job is to get on base and see some
    pitches.  Oh, and flash at least enough pop to warrant giving him the
    most at bats.  Kotsay does none of the three.  This season he’s seeing
    3.13 pitches per plate appearance, which is not good, not when one
    wants a player to take pitches.  Kotsay is reaching base 26 percent of
    the time, albeit a small sampling.  But he just isn’t a baseball player
    that should be starting.  And if he has to start, then he should be
    batting at the bottom of the order.  They could have had Beckham bat
    leadoff for the evening and moved everyone else up or something.  I
    don’t know, but Mark Kotsay is far from a leadoff hitter.
  • Tex was close to being in Boston: Remember?:  The Red Sox
    didn’t know that Mike Lowell was going to continue to experience health
    problems.  They didn’t know that they might need a bat because of
    that.  They didn’t know that Lowell would have a decline in range
    because of those aforementioned problems.  But had they signed Teixeira
    the problem would have been solved.  Granted, it would have cost A LOT
    of money, many years, and a few draft picks.  But is that better than
    possibly surrendering a huge lot for Adrian Gonzalez?  Gonzalez is
    younger, and cheaper.  I get that.  But if they do make the trade,
    which still seems like an unlikely event to me, then they better lock
    him up on an extension.  Maybe add three years to the two he is already
    under control, of of course Gonzo wants to do that.  Then, after the
    five years, Adrian can walk, because I doubt the Sox would lock him up
    after that, unless it were for a year or two.  Point is, what is more
    valuable?  Money or prospects?  But in any case, Lars Anderson would be
    blocked, so moving him would a necessity almost.  Of course, they could
    always have him DH, but that would hinder his development.  But I guess
    one has to do what is best for the organization.

One comment

  1. raysrenegade

    Washburn before he left the Seattle clubhouse let his former employer know he would love to come back in 2010.
    That is a great endorsement for what they are trying to build in Seattle.
    But in the meantime, he is going to be a great cog to add to the mix with Verlander, Jackson and now Washburn.
    I think we should see him a few times since we have to play the Tigers 6 times still in 2009.

    Rays Renegade


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