JP Ricciardi thinking of selling off?

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  • July 28: I wonder if JP Ricciardi’s self imposed deadline of
    July 28th is designed to give him time to do other things.  Maybe he
    wants to know whether or not he should keep players such as Scott Rolen
    and/or Lyle Overbay.  Because moving Halladay would most likely allow
    JP to feel more comfortable moving the other two as well.  That would
    free up loads of money, giving him some room financially, serious room
    if I may add.  And they would acquire a plethora of young talent in
    doing so.  Well, not much for Overbay and Rolen I would assume, but
    something, and of course getting rid of contracts that they would feel
    more comfortable not having.  But I know that keeping Halladay means it
    is more logical to keep everyone and make some kind of run in 2010 with
    what Ricciardi has.  And that means the additions of Dustin McGowan and
    Shaun Marcum, when they return next season.
  • WARP: ‘WARP’ is a bit of a mystery to me.  I am still torn
    as to whether or not I should rely on that, rather than ‘WAR.’  I think
    I am more comfortable using WAR, but WARP can be used for historical
    pusposes.  WAR cannot.  So I tend to use it for that purpose.  For
    example:  I can check Wade Boggs’ career WARP, but cannot check his
    career WAR.  So this matters to someone who likes to throw in players
    of the past, and/or research players of the past.
  • Abreu: Bobby Abreu is having a near-great year.  A 2.7 WAR. 
    121 OPS+.  Twenty stolen bases (caught five times).  To put it all in
    perspective, his WAR last season with the Yankees was 1.2–for the
    entire season.  So we can see that Abreu is either having fun with the
    AL West, or simply had a down year in 2008.  Anyway, as he has regained
    power, his line has been upped to .310/.405/.442.  His BB% is back up
    to 14 percent, as it had declined each of the past two seasons.  And
    he’s swung a tad less than last season.  For $5 million?  That is an
    absolute bargain of a player.
  • Ricky Nolasco unlucky?: When does a 3.44 FIP = a 5.42 ERA? 
    In a world where balls in play fall in 35 percent of the time.  Nolasco
    has suffered from a .353 BABIP this season.  And his LOB% is 60
    percent.  If luck exists, then this is it.  Because Ricky has had
    everything possible go against him this season.  Now, I cannot say that
    BABIP and LOB% make up a pitchers performance, but I definitely believe
    that these type of numbers are showing everyone that he is a lot better
    than his ERA indicates, even this season.

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