Tex seeing fewer fastballs than just about ever.

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A while ago I asked a question,
and received an answer.  The answer was, that Mark Teixeria had not
seen more fastballs since Alex Rodriguez had returned to the lineup, up
until that point.  Granted, maybe the fastballs were more “hittable,”
but they were not more prevalent.  And now, I took another peak…

And Tex has seen fewer fastballs than any other time in his career,
except for once.  He is getting the heat only 57 percent of the time,
which is below what he has seen in past seasons.

This isn’t because ARod is struggling either, because he isn’t. 
He’s been tearing the cover off the ball for a while now.  This is
because he simply isn’t seeing them more often.

Last season, Tex saw fastballs 60 percent of the time.  However,
much of that time was spent in the National League–notoriously known
for fastballs sailing in more often.

Just interested in this sort of thing I guess…

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