Billy Beane not, not a genius.

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I know this topic might be wearing thin.  And that I may have
exhausted it.  But I really feel the need to stick up for Billy Beane

Look, he isn’t perfect.  And he may not be the best GM in baseball. 
But I feel there is justification for almost every move that he made
this season–even though those moves are being lambasted throughout
around the interweb.

Orlando Cabrera was a decent signing.  They needed a healthy
shortstop, they got one.  Little did they know that Cabrera would
forget to play defense.  His bat we could see was going to be a
below-average stick.  But the glove…who could have seen him faltering
on defense?

Jason Giambi has fallen off a cliff.  Who could have seen that
coming?  I know he had an overrated season last year, but it was still
solid.  And I know he was older, but the move wasn’t a bad move, was it?

And according to Keith Law, the A’s just received a better package
from the Cardinals than what they gave up to get Holliday in the first
place.  So this move may be a credit to Beane as well.

I am not sticking up for Beane simply because I enjoyed Moneyball,
or simply because I believe in the numbers.  I just believe that most
of what he did this off-season was far from indefensible.

As for Nelson Cruz and players that went on to have success
elsewhere?  That is a topic for another day.  But Beane is still as
good as they come.  Give him Cashman’s job and see how he fares? 
Really, do it.

Actually, don’t..

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