Cup o’ coffee tidbits.

  • Fire Brand:  Over at Fire Brand
    I search through the gamelogs and come to a conclusion about how the
    Red Sox have done against pitchers they have yet to “see” this season.
  • Will Billy Butler be great or what?:  Butler is only 24,
    but his power really hasn’t developed as planned.  With a current line
    of .286/.340/.443, and a wOBA of .342, he falls in at 13th in the AL in
    that category.  He’s tenth in WAR at the position (AL only), so it
    doesn’t get much better when looking at overall value.  I wish I could
    find some improvements in the numbers, but there is really not much to
    go on.  A slight increase in wOBA, a slight decrease in laying off
    pitches outside the strike zone.  And a UZR that barely makes a
    difference over the course of a season.  Hopefully he will develop that
  • The legend of Tommy Hanson: How many years did it take
    Michael Jordan to have a dominating performance while having the flu? 
    Many, many years.  But Tommy Hanson did it in his rookie season.  Even
    though Hanson was recovering from it, while Jordan may have been closer
    to the middle of it.  But Hanson’s velocity was down, as he generally
    has thrown an average of 93 MPH on his fastball this season.  But
    yesterday, we saw a lot of 91 on the gun.  Yet, he still shut down an
    above-average lineup.  So far in his young career, his control has been
    a problem, 17 walks in 29 innings.  He has impressive stuff though, and
    should be a great pitcher…one day.

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