Did the Indians get enough for Derosa?

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Mark Derosa is not a great player.  But he is a solid piece to the
puzzle.  And the Cardinals needed that “piece” to improve their
postseason chances.

Currently, Derosa is hitting .270/.342/.457.  More than solid for a
middle infielder, decent enough for a 3B, and less than spectacular for
a corner outfielder.  His ability to simply field multiple positions
however, increases his overall value.  Derosa is basically a
below-average fielder all around the infield.  But a positive
contributor, defensively, out in the outfield.  But still, he is very
flexible, and will play anywhere the team asks him to play. And will do
that unselfishly.  Plus, his fielding skills may be below-average, but
he isn’t so horrendous that he shouldn’t be out there at all.

So if the Cardinals do in fact play Derosa in the infield the
majority of the time–which seems likely.  Then his bat projects well
enough to deem him worthy.  Meaning that, since the Cardinals needed an
infielder, that maybe the Indians could have asked for a little more.

On the other side of the trade…

Chris Perez is a very good strikeout pitcher.  A reliever with a K/9 of 11.41.  However, Perez walks a ton
of batters.  5.70 per nine this season.  And at least 4.26 everywhere
he’s been (Majors and Minors).  So this must be corrected.

Perez has been somewhat homer prone as well, giving up over a home
run per nine.  Something which will drive a manager–and the
fans–crazy.  Relievers tend to have their home runs magnified, since
they occur in the later innings.

He does throw hard, with an average velocity of 94 MPH this season,
95 last season.  And with a slider, thrown roughly 33% of the time, he
is known as a two pitch pitcher.  Two pitches are sufficient for a
reliever, assuming the pitches are effective of course.  And he does
have a curve too.  But he rarely throws that curve, leading me to
believe that it isn’t any good.

There seems to be some potential with Perez, especially with that ability to sit batters down.  But the walks must be fixed.

I still wonder though if the “player to be named later” will be
enough to make this trade worthwhile for the Indians.  Because a
reliever that needs to be corrected, seems to be less than they could
have received had they held out a little longer.

Shapiro corrected a flaw in the team.  But personally, I feel like
he could have gotten more.  Although that unknown player included will
give us more of an understanding once he is named.

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