Trade David Wright!

David Wright needs to be traded. 

The month of April means the same as the month of September. 

You know that saying?  “A win is a win is a win.”

Yes, it means that David Wright isn’t helping his team win games, not as much as he did in the past.  And since a win now counts the same as a win down the stretch, Wright is putting the Mets in a hole.

Forget for a second that this guy has won consecutive ‘Gold Gloves.’  Forget for a second that has been a near ‘MVP’ the past few seasons–at least quality-wise.  And forget that he seems to be the only one speaking to the media when things go wrong.

Forget all that, none of that matters.  The past doesn’t exist, it is merely a fact now.

One month of a season is the only thing that matters when it comes to baseball.

This is a Mets team that already has issues with leadership and character.  So when David Wright struggles, its over.  At least when he is playing well he “leads by example.” 

The Mets could swing a deal right now.  David Wright straight up for Mike Lowell and Julio Lugo.

Then they can put Lugo at second, temporarily solving that problem.  Plus, they get a very capable player in Mike Lowell.  A 3B that excels defensively, and is an above average offensive player. 

The question isn’t why would the Mets do this.  The question is simply, why wouldn’t they???


  1. joefromnewhampshire

    If you haven’t realized it already, this is a joke. Wright is still getting on base a lot, and his OPS+ is average. Sure he is struggling with power, and has K’d a lot. But odds are he is an MVP candidate, yet again, by seasons end. And trading him would obviously be stupid since he is young, great, and is under club-control at a reasonable price for five more years.

  2. mikeeff

    I did realize it–cute

    hey if you’ve listened to any NY sports radio for the last week, this is what you’d be subjected to. a bunch of numbskulls…

  3. joefromnewhampshire

    Well, I didn’t incorporate the fake trade until the end. My initial approach was to suggest trading Wright, which is ludicrous, unless of course the Mets could receive enough value to make it logical.

  4. PWHjort

    I just finished my month of April awards. It includes the Rolaids award for extra irrelevance.

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