Baseball influenced by Classical music.

Blogging while attempting to enjoy Classical music…

  • Lincecum isn’t struggling anymore:  At the beginning of the year, Lincecum was one of those pitchers who experienced a great increase in innings the previous year, and was a prime candidate to struggle the following year, or get injured.  And he did struggle…But Lincecum was still striking batters out while doing so.  In his first two starts, Lincecum combined for only 8.1 innings, walking six batters.  But as I mentioned, his K’s were still there, a total of ten strikeouts.  But Lincecum has shown us fact from fiction in his early starts, by dominating the past three games.  23 innings, 4 walks, and…33 K’s!  Granted the DBacks hitters collectively have holes in their swings.  But last time I checked, striking out 12 and 13 hitters is impressive no matter who the opponent is.
  • To Lester, from Lincecum:  And Lester is doing the same thing…in regards to the K’s.  Lester has 33 K’s in 36 innings.  Sure, his command isn’t what it was last season, but there are signs pointing to a return to form.  His fastball velocity is the same.  His K/9 is as good as it has ever been.  Jon Lester just needs some more time to get back on track.  See, last season was basically his first time around the league, so hitters had trouble.  Now, they made some adjustments with a revamped scouting report.  Some of it has to do with Lester not commanding his pitches, but some of it also has to do with hitters actually having an idea of what they are going to see when they step in against Lester.  When watching Lester’s starts, you can see that he is still there.  He just needs to work on getting back on track.  But with the way the Sox organization handles its pitchers, I can see a possible DL stint on the horizon–15 days because of “fatigue.”  Just to make sure that increase in innings last season doesn’t come back to haunt him.  
  • Hughes has one start of bliss:  Keith Law was asked a question in his chat earlier today about phil Hughes.  Law’s response:  “Looked pretty good, not outstanding, but much improved. The life on the
    two-seamer addresses one of the concerns I had about him in the past
    (four-seamer was pretty true). And he pitched out of a jam that I don’t
    think he would have escaped last year. Plus Detroit has a good lineup.
    Cautious optimism.”


  1. mikeeff

    hey–i have a suggestion– try listening to Bach on the piano-not only beautiful, but great for de-fragging the brain

  2. joefromnewhampshire

    I actually have a Bach greatest hits cd that I bought for a college presentation a while back. But only like 2 or 3 songs made the cut to my IPOD.

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