• Losing is less fun than winning:  Yep.  Have to say that I enjoyed winning eleven straight much more than I enjoyed losing last night.  But eventually, it was going to happen.  And it might happen 60 or so more times this season.  Maybe a few more times, maybe a few less.  And losing because Lopez couldn’t catch a simple toss?  That was even more frustrating.  But these things happen.  Lugo couldn’t make a simple catch last night, Lopez couldn’t either.  Although Lugo was returning from injury, so we can let it slide, this time.  Even with that, it doesn’t seem too far from the real Lugo, the healthy Lugo.  He did have some good AB’s though, something that wasn’t expected in his first game back. 
  • Greinke is unhittable:  As if you didn’t know.  But I think tonight, my PIP will include Greinke in the corner, rather than the Yankees.  Luckily, this just reminded me to check out which game was on ‘Wednesday Night Baseball.”  Turns out that it is the Yankees/Tigers.  So I get the three games I want, although whatever the game is on ESPN, it would be on anyway, at least for part of it. 
  • Yovani Gallardo dominates:  And I mean DOMINATES.  A solo shot, and um, 11 K’s, 1 BB, 2 hits.  It would be an understatement if I used the phrase “eight strong.”  Gallardo now has a 2.86 ERA, and 34 K’s in 34 innings.  There is a reason they let CC walk…Oh yeah, because they couldn’t even come close to affording him.  But having a great young talent eases the mind a little. 
  • Joe Posnanski discusses greatness:  So who had the better “peak?”  Maddux or Pedro.  JoePo takes each pitchers best seven-year stretch, and discusses it here and here.  Some good discussion going on.  I’d take Pedro at his peak over anyone, ever, but you all know that.  One person noted that Maddux did lose two of his best seasons to the strike.  That person used this as Maddux getting screwed a little.  Another used it as a reason Maddux benefited.  At least his rate stats would have benefited.  The smartest pitcher ever would have experienced an even greater advantage in innings pitched over this time, but his ERA+, most likely, would have been a little lower (worse) if more innings were thrown.  But then again, Maddux is great for a reason.  And no one knows how well he would have pitched in those missing innings. 
  • Defense wins championships, 50% of the time:  That is my way of saying that scoring runs is half of the equation, and preventing runs is half of the equation.  People say that “pitching wins” or “you can’t win games if you don’t score runs.”  I just like a balance.  And the latter quote just irks me, Rob Neyer 🙂  Also, when people say “former” and latter” that kind of irks me too, just because I hear it more now than ever.  Anyway, my objective, when I set out anyway, was to say who the leader in “Defensive Efficiency” was.  And…it…is…the Pittsburgh Pirates?  Yes.  A reason they are actually succeeding this season.  I don’t know how well there defense will hold up, but the team will not hold up that long…or will they? 
  • Andy Pettitte a Hall of Famer?:  No.  No.  No.  Pettitte has been a good pitcher for a long time.  But he just isn’t good enough.  That is meant as no disrespect to someone who has done something that I, and most sports fans, envy.  The largest reason why Pettitte may get in is because he had great talent around him, that let him shine at the biggest stage.  And Pettitte was a large reason why those Yankees were in the postseason to begin with.  But if Andy were a Pirate his entire career, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. 

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