Waiting for Game Three of the Series.

  • Great game #2:  Well, for this one I had to work.  But I wasn’t overly busy, so I walked by the television many, many times, often stopping and staring.  The game was ridiculous.  I actually tried to give away my shift so that I could watch a great pitchers duel: Burnett vs. Beckett.  Both former Marlins, both with great stuff.  Both throw hard.  Yet, the game turned into almost a joke.  Beckett gets rocked, game looks to be over, yet then Burnett completely falls apart.  Teams battle for a while, then Red Sox pull away for good.  Didn’t see that coming, but who did?  Jason Bay and Mike Lowell are on fire right now.  Good sign, since Lowell is returning from a torn labrum.  And good sign that Bay is having success against the “more difficult” pitching in the AL.  Bay doesn’t “look” as good hitting a baseball as Manny does, and probably isn’t quite the hitter Manny is.  But he is pretty darn good, and too, can go to the opposite field, just not with the same “style.”   
  • Fantasy baseball:  I am actually playing this season.  But “fantasy” is far from “real baseball,” which is the reason I do not typically play fantasy baseball.  I have been taught–and researched myself into believing in certain numbers.  OBP in particular.  But then I join a fantasy baseball league and all of a sudden the traditional stats, the ones I used to think contained accuracy, are back:  AVG, RBI, HR, R, SB, W, K, ERA, WHIP, SV.  I mean seriously, SB=HR.  In the fantasy world, W’s matter, saves matter, and a HR has the same value as a stolen base.  There is a way to be a great fantasy baseball player, but it has little to do with being a great baseball mind.  And real baseball is >>>>fantasy baseball.  But I can let it slide and have a little fun, even though the numbers aren’t the best indicators of true talent.
  • Josh Beckett overrated?:  Josh Beckett was great in 2007.  And he was good in 2008.  But how he gets rocked sometimes is beyond me.  One hitter said last season, “I don’t know how anyone ever gets a hit off that guy.”  That of course was in reference to Beckett.  And when he is locating his pitches, working in that two-seamer, to lefties especially, he CAN be unhittable.  But what is it with him that he can just be crushed at times?  It must be mental, because physically he seems all there this year, not last year though.  I believe he will be really good this year, but I also believe that there is a chance that he ends up being merely “good.”  And it can be frustrating.  But I guess, it could be much worse.


  1. PWHjort

    I heard The Red Sox have called up Michael Bowden and will piggyback him with Masterson tonight because Francona cashed the bullpen over the past 2 days. I hope it’s true, I really want to see Bowden pitch.

  2. joefromnewhampshire

    PWH, I wouldn’t mind seeing Bowden, but would prefer Masterson to throw 90 pitches and a complete game đŸ™‚

  3. PWHjort

    It was good to see Bowden pitch, I never had. Though I now have a theory that Red Sox pitching coaches are bred to teach non-compact deliveries after being reminded of how loose Masterson’s is and seeing Bowden’s tonight. Maybe Andy Pettitte is in on it too, allowing a runner to steal home. That, Joe Morgan’s hand motions talking about Willie Mays via Kevin Youkilis, and the crowd’s reaction when Damon was announced were the highlights of the game for me. I didn’t even realize Beckett was off to a bad start. Nothing you can really pinpoint either, he’s just flat out allowing too many baserunners. He’ll figure it out, though. I’m sure of it.

  4. PWHjort

    And just so you know, you can watch Jair Jurrjens pitch tomorrow against the Cardinals on ESPN and hopefully laugh at the fact that Dave Dombrowski traded him and Gorkys Hernandez for 1 year of Edgar Renteria.

  5. roundrock15

    I have such a hard time with fantasy baseball. I’d much rather spend my free time looking at actual baseball than researching fantasy statistics. I feel like I *should* like fantasy baseball; I just don’t.


  6. PAUL

    Beckett’s a bully; so when he faces someone who stands up to him and isn’t intimidated (Travis Hafner for example; Russell Branyan and Derrek Lee both kill him too), he gets shelled because he tries to exert his will on them and blow fastballs past them rather than pitching.
    And why are you staring at TVs while at work? They hafta be girls there to stare at instead. Good grief.

  7. Raoul

    If he stared at girls at work, it could adversely affect his bottom line, as it is usually the husbands or boyfriends that leave the Tip.

    Joe, how come the RS are on everytime you work?

    Don’t you think they will eventually figure out that everytime you’re there the remote is missing.

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