Quick thoughts…

  • Why I think Curt Schilling is a Hall of Famer.  The stuff within the article doesn’t stray too much from what I have expressed here in the past.  But what better time to write another one when Schilling retires.  And what better place to post it then a Red Sox platform.  Of course, when Schilling is actually eligible for induction in five years, it may an even better time to write it.  But that is a long time…
  • Great article on why managers shouldn’t speak.  Ok, they should speak.  But there is a reason there are General Managers, and there are reasons there are projection systems such as PECOTA. 
  • Rob Neyer got me reading USS Mariner a while back.  And Cameron posts an interesting article on what to do with Jeff Clement, a promising young player who cannot catch well-yet.  But can swing the stick. 
  • If you have ESPN Insider, then watch the video, and most of all read the words that are with it.  Keith Law is the scout, ESPN the site.  And it is in regards to Stephen Strasburg.  I guess “SS” could pitch in the majors right now, but it may not be a great idea.  
  • Both Keith Law and Rob Neyer have linked to this Bonds article.  I haven’t actually read it…yet.  But will read it shortly.


  1. joefromnewhampshire

    When it started to apply less. I began limiting my caffeine intake. Even though occasionally I do drink a little too much coffee.

  2. PWHjort

    My favorite quote of the Cecil Cooper article: “Yes, Cecil, I’m telling you that you will not be winning that many games this year. Not with the current roster, at least, and not without significant visits from the luck fairy and career year wizard.”

  3. joefromnewhampshire

    Yes that is pretty funny, Mike and PWHjort. I hope career year wizard pays a visit to Mike Lowell again…

  4. PWHjort

    I hope the luck fairy visits the Braves this year. Sort of the opposite thing has happened for the past 3 years.

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