His name is Link, not Zelda.

  • Fire Brand is the name.  And that is where I post on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  So read a little about the “Oki Doke” if you want to.
  • Great article on defense by Joe Posnanski.  Apparently, John Dewan has come up with a theory that defense is worth fifty percent of what offense is.  Whether it is completely true or not, I do not know.  But it’s interesting. 
  • I watched Maddux win his 300th game last night…on ESPN Classic.  Parts of it anyway.  It took me a while to figure out what the game was.  It was a regular season game between the Cubs and Giants in 2004.  So my first thoughts were some kind of milestone by Bonds or Sosa.  But eventually I heard Maddux’s name and assumed that it was his 300th victory.  At least I got to see Bonds have a great AB against Latroy Hawkins, and eventually double down the right field line. 
  • Went to a Spring Training game between the Nationals and Marlins on Wednesday.  This is the concpet of sample size.  I saw Emilio Bonifacio reach base via the hit four times.  Tripling twice, an infield hit.  He was all over the basepaths it seemed.  He did get thrown at home on a very weakly hit fly ball.  But the ball was dangerously close to the SS, and he was still barely out at home.  And there were two outs, so that decision to go at least was not horrendous.  Josh Johnson pitched well.  Lastings Milledge showed flashes, but also showed lapses.  He ran a poor route on a ball that ended up being an extra base hit.  And he was doubled up off of first on a deep fly ball.  Mental lapses.  But the talent is there. 

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