Link, not Zelda.

  • I like the Pudge signing.  Rob Neyer makes a good point.  The point was that if JR Towles has enough skill to play every day, then it will probably be put on hold.  But the Astros have put themselves in a position to win now, even though that position may be third or fourth place realistically.  So adding a veteran catcher for one year, wasn’t a bad thing.  Although I would like to see the Astros unload some of their veterans and start over, but that is obviously not going to happen.
  • Did you see Jeter fail to come up with that ball at SS that Rollins would have had?  I saw it on the replay.  🙂
  • Is Vernon Wells worth the price?  I doubt it.  A lot of expectations are wrapped in that contract.  Although Wells should be an above average player for a while, that kind of money should be given to great players.  And Wells is not a great player.  If the Jays could find someone to take that contract off of their hands, they would do it in a second. 


  1. Cockroach

    You’re right that the Astros aren’t likely to unload anytime soon, though they did try to move Miguel Tejada and Ty Wigginton over the winter. They couldn’t find any takers for Tejada’s contract, though, and ultimately had to non-tender Wigginton. They may be at a point when most teams would rebuild, but that probably won’t happen as long as Lance Berkman and Roy Oswalt are around, because they don’t have enough years left to waste on rebuilding seasons. I hope they both end their careers in Houston, so I’m okay with “win now” moves like Pudge in the meantime, but I hope they tear down and rebuild after that.

  2. mikeeff

    believe me —i saw it. listen when you have jimmy rollins on your team you play jeter as DH. it’s no shame. what is a shame is catering to a player’s vanity. i don’t know if that is whaty is going on, but if not then dave johnson is a fool–and i don’t think that is the case.

    vernon wells–truly a horrible contract.

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