A few of the worst contracts in Major League Baseball.

Jose Guillen:  This contract was absurd when it was handed out.  It
wasn’t just because Guillen had recently been named in “The Mitchell
Report.”  It wasn’t just because Guillen was going to be paid $12
million a year.  It wasn’t just because Guillen was a headcase.  It
wasn’t just because Guillen wasn’t all that good for a corner OF.  Or
because the Royals weren’t going to contend, and shouldn’t have been
handing out ridiculous contracts in order to try and do so.  Or…The
contract was plain stupid, and I still don’t see any logic in it.

Dontrelle Willis:  Someone brought this up in a chat…I predicted
Willis, coming off a bad season, to be a fifth starter in the AL.  I
was wrong.  Willis is terrible right now.  And it isn’t as if I am not
wanting him to succeed again, it is just that the Tigers were idiots to
give him a contract after a bad year, before he ever tried to pitch
again.  A perfect example of a team mismanaging their money.  At least
the Yankees give big contracts to good players (although the Burnett
contract COULD end up coming back to haunt them). 

Barry Zito:  I never thought that Zito was going to be this
ineffective.  But he is.  And the money was too much to begin with, not
to mention the years.  But Zito is a 3rd or 4th starter (5th?) in the
NL these days.  Immovable, near-wasted money. 

Luis Castillo:  I didn’t really like this contract at the time.  Teams
shouldn’t lock up players exiting their prime for four years, and a
good amount of money.  This contract wasn’t terrible, but I thought
their resources could have been spent a little better.  However, I
didn’t see the injuries coming around.  But I did see that Castillo
wasn’t exactly a great players.  And great players are probably the way
to go when one is offering a “beyond-the-prime” long-term contract.

Michael Young:  When a player is immovable, even though he is a quality
player, then it most likely means that the contract is bad.  Now, at least he is a productive player.  And at least
he is good in the clubhouse, a “fan-favorite,” etc.  But through 2014
is really a ridiculous contract for a player that was on the decline. 
Although, I guess, the Rangers can find solace in the fact that he can
at least warrant an everyday job, and after all, is a likeable guy.


  1. raysrenegade

    I am not sure why San Francisco even offered that much to Barry Zito. He looked better last year, but it still pales in comparision to his statistics.
    But even the old A Rod contract should be considered on here. $ 25 million a year when he first signed that contract seemed like it was going to drive everyone else’s contract to the roof.

    I think next year we may see a new high for bad contracts, but on the player’s side, not on managements side. If the economy effects the tickets sales like it is predicted Matt Holiday might see a wild contract, plus some of the other free agents like Magglio Ordonez might see a reduced salary or incentive-based contract to get what they want . Should be a interesting off season in Winter 2009.

    Rays Renegade


  2. PWHjort

    Mike Hampton’s old contract would make this list. AJ Burnett’s will probably make a similar list pretty soon when his elbow falls off. Adam Eaton’s is really bad too. 9 Million for that bum? Also, you can’t overlook your own back yard, Julio Lugo’s contract is pretty damn awful.

  3. Erin Kathleen

    I think the Carlos Silva contract is pretty bad, too. It’s not as bad as the Zito deal in terms of time and money, but it’s up there. Come to think of it, the Mariners are pretty much an entire team full of bad contracts.-Erinhttp://plunking-gomez.mlblogs.com

  4. roundrock15

    I would put Mike Hampton’s Atlanta contract and Andruw Jones’ Los Angeles contract on this list. A lot of people overlook Jones, saying there was no way to foresee his precipitous decline, but in 2007 he’d gone just .222/.311/.413. He was always a swing-for-the-fences guy with a good glove. It was easy to overlook his nearly 1:2 BB:K ratio when he was swatting 30+ home runs a year, but in 2007 he hit only 26. and had the fewest TB in 9 seasons. His numbers were down across the board, his at-bats looked forced and unbalanced, and the Dodgers rewarded him with a two-year, $36.2m contract.


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