Link, not Zelda.

  • Jason Bay is actually a good player.  Read my latest post at Fire Brand…if you dare! 
  • Joe Mauer is experiencing lower back problems.  Simply put, not good.  If Mauer misses a significant amount of time, it could very well be the difference between the division.  Sort of like what was going to happen with ARod, except this is probably 80-88 wins, rather than 90-97.  Just imagine that Twins lineup with no Mauer.  Just, Justin Morneau.  Yea.  Not scary at all.
  • Speaking of that ARod surgery.  I was an advocate for the possibility that Rodriguez should postpone surgery.  But they found a way for him to miss time and most likely getting through the season without the pain that he would have encountered.  This isn’t a bad route, as it is much easier to find a replacement for two months rather than 4. 
  • Fangraphs touched up on the overabundance of bunting in the WBC.  I posted a comment in reference to that.  But my feeling was that –as the US players especially– are still timing the baseball, then “waiting around for the three run homer” may not be as relevant as it normally is during the regular season when everyone is ready to swing the bat.  My response was that “it may not be logical, but that it is probably “less illogical.”  Interested in any thoughts that you all have.  And if you love the bunt, then my guess is that you will love it even more in this scenario.
  • If anyone is interested, my three favorite sites for analysis are: Fangraphs, Baseball Analysts, and ESPN (Law 1st, and a little Rob Neyer).  My go to stat resources are: BP (the current frontrunner), Baseball Reference, and Fangraphs (has everything except a cumulative stat that I have a grasp for).  The Hardball Times is right there, too. 
  • Speaking of ESPN, the current poll question is entitled, “Would you want your current team to sign Pedro Martinez after his WBC performance.”  That performance of course was good.  Pedro would be a solid addition if he wasn’t penciled into the rotation, if he was simply used as depth.  It wouldn’t be a bad idea if he stuck around in the NL too.  And of course no more than a one year deal.  A team desperate for starting options, or a team wanting to add depth would be most logical.  But penciling in Pedro for 60-100 inning is needed (and definitley no more), so they would need to have another starter to replace those remaining 100+ or so innings from that spot in the rotation.  Having Pedro shoot for a June or July beginning might even be best scenario, if the team has some real depth. 


  1. joefromnewhampshire

    I can see a few issues with the overall offense, if Lowell and Ortiz can’t come close to regaining form AND if Drew misses significant time again. If Drew could play 120 games then I am fine with that, let Baldelli play against some lefties and when Drew is “injured.” But Jason Bay will most likely stay healthy and play well, so that is something that I am not all that concerned with (although everyone is at risk to injury). If Ortiz struggles then call Frank Thomas and have a platoon at DH 🙂

  2. PWHjort

    A favorite of yours and mine could also fill in at DH if Ortiz struggles. I’ll give you a hint. He has made more money in his career than Greg Maddux and he has never played for the Yankees. (there’s only 1).

  3. joefromnewhampshire

    Well, I don’t mind someone giving Bonds a shot. I’d actually like to see what he can do at this age, and after being out of the game.

  4. joefromnewhampshire

    Haha. The only reason I even know what “Link” is because I had it on regular Nintendo. And when I put it in, I had no idea what was going on. I was very young and didn’t realize that it was an RPG and that there was actually an objective, rather than just running forward like in Mario. And since then I have only played Zelda on Wii at the video game store. So I never really played an RPG for more than a few minutes.

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