Anyone need a starter?

Odalis Perez is available again.

Odalis Perez you say?


Perez is not a good pitcher.  But he is what one might call a “serviceable at times” back-end starter. 

A team with Serious playoff aspirations would probably like to stay away from him other than for depth.  But a fringe-type playoff team could use Perez’s arm.  Or a team like the Mets who could just throw him in there and hope they have five spots in the rotation that equal out to getting the job done. 

If Perez stays in the NL, and signs a similar deal to the one he had in place with the Nats, then he could a very small piece to whatever the puzzle’s design ends up being.


  1. mikeeff

    you know i’m a bit embarrassed to admit i can’t think of who the mets 5th starter is this year. i think they do have someone lined up by now…hold on. ok it’s between niece and redding fighting it out for the 5th spot. that’s about all i can manage to say in regards to the odious odalis.

  2. joefromnewhampshire

    Which is why Perez isn’t a bad thought for the Mets. They need guys to throw, and if they do make the playoffs, Perez will probably be used very, very sparingly, if at all. And unless they have injuries, will be coming out of the pen I would think.

  3. mikeeff

    so i just read that the reason he is “free” is because he didn’t bother to show up at the Nats ST camp. not the smartest move given the current climate–or how much he suc**

  4. joefromnewhampshire

    Haha. Yes, but someone else will sign him I would imagine. Although, I understand your point, he had job security at least.

  5. PWHjort

    Joe, the Mets already have Livan Hernandez, Freddy Garcia, Tim Redding, and John Niece fighting for the 5th spot. Probably somewhere they don’t need to get deeper. Also, Odalis is a punk.

  6. mikeeff

    oh joe–how did we both forget THE off-season event–“The Signing Of Livan Hernandez”

    hey pwh–funny stuff about those inevitable catastrophes the braves and their fans must endure…i live somewhat nearby and i really like the team and enjoy watching them play. i got to see smoltz take a no-hitter against the nats into the 8th in 2007. then that pig belliard ruined everything.

  7. PWHjort

    Haha. Sounds about right. Although nothing really compares to losing an entire rotation slowly throughout a season. That’s honestly the worst thing Braves’ fans have ever had to endure.

  8. mikeeff

    yeah last year was brutal–and then you throw in the meltdown of francouer. i went over to see one of the cubs was sad…but chipper did manage a homer–that was about it though. escobar is fun to watch…

  9. roundrock15

    Sad to say, as an Astros fan, he might be better than some of our other options. Bahhh it’s gonna be a long year.

  10. roundrock15

    If we were in a position where we had a strong youth movement that, with a few years’ experience, might produce a viable major league team, I might be for it. But right now, we don’t. Manzella, Saccomanno, Sutton, Norris… these guys are okay, but they’re not the Reds, Padres, or Rays as far as organizational depth. Our #1 pick last year, Jason Castro, just debuted at #53 on Baseball America’s top prospects list, and he’s the only Astro on said list. I have a lot of confidence that Wade and Heck will rebuild our farm system, but right now we need guys like Berkman and Oswalt to bring butts into the seats so that we can afford to sign quality picks. Besides, we traded the entire farm for Tejada – we HAVE to try and get some amount of value out of that trade.

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