Live blogging ARod’s press conference because it is on and I am at my computer.

Alex Rodriguez is about to address the media…

Of course, Alex supposedly took steroids between 2001-2003.

During his last interview he tried to tear apart SI writer Selana Roberts’ credibility, only to retract his distaste for her, and apologize to Roberts in a private setting.

By Alex’s side are Cashman and Girardi…

Alex is nervous…this live blog is lame, I know

A pre-written statement.  How scripted…

Alex has to explain himself, yet anyone who knows baseball knows he would have been great anyway.  However, no one knows how much greater steroids made him.  Because popular belief may think steroids made AROD, but actually all they did was most likely make him a little better. 

I guess he asked his cousin for permission to include him in this.  I hope so anyway.  I wonder if cousin is to prevent him from being associated with Jose Canseco.  “Only God knows” I guess (Pudge).

Forget baseball games, all my live blogging will be done for press conferences.  This is oh so exciting (sarcasm).

Alex has a little smirk on his face, I don’t know what that was all about.

That smirk was odd, what was it about?  A smirk to hold back tears?  A smirk because his teammates were lucky that they weren’t caught and ARod is taking all the punishment that some of them partook in?  Not all of them, as Jeter is one of the least likely to have used among stars I would think.  After all, steroids do change ones body-type, and Jeter doesn’t seem to have suffered from what Ken Griffey Jr drank in “The Simpsons” baseball episode.

And maybe The Simpsons were onto something.  Maybe the juice that Griffey drank was because James L Brooks was the first to realize that players were using.  Griffey ended up in a wheelchair with a giant head.  So Brooks was obviously just skipping all the positive effects of steroids and showing baseball players that ultimately they will end up broken down and ineffective if they used. 

That or Brooks was trying to hint to Griffey to start stretching, since he was notorious for not doing so…

Steroids have nothing to do with Girardi’s love for swinging earlier in counts…

I do love Girardi’s passion and work-ethic, but trying to get hitters on this team to swing earlier, ultimately changing an approach that didn’t need to be changed is stupid.  The offense has never been the problem.  And while the Yankees may not have the BEST offense in the AL this season, as they did for many years it seemed, it should easily be top 3.  I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it were number 1 though.

Does Girardi know how frustrating the patient approach can be?  I love watching Dice-K, and I love watching Red Sox-Yankees games, more than anything in sports, and it isn’t really all that comparable with anything else.  But when Dice-K goes up against the Yankees I am very nervous, because his nitpicking plays right into their hands. 

If a pitcher like Beckett is on top of his game, and throwing strikes, then the Yankees really won’t be able to do much.  But that goes for any team in baseball.  A great pitcher on top of their game will give any offense troubles, whether they are free-swinging or not.

I actually kind of stopped paying attention to the press-conference…

I wonder if Rodriguez is telling the truth about only using for three years.  I personally don’t lie, at all, less than other human beings.  But if ARod used and admitted to using for say, the last 9 years, then his career is screwed (if it isn’t to some already). 

Speaking of Selena, Alex.  Apparently the private apology didn’t go over.  Maybe it was the lawyer of Selena speaking, but someone wants a public apology.’

Someone is speaking spanish, and I don’t speak spanish…

Again, Arod is tainted, but there is little doubt in my mind that he would have been great.  I think that the era in general, lloing back, sucked.  The entertainment was great, but something fishy led to that entertainment.  Maybe I would think very hard before voting for the players that used, but I think I would vote them in anyway.

I think ARod just contradicted the “Texas heat” statement by saying that he isn’t blaming Texas anymore…

I am bored.  I am going to the gym…



  1. juliasrants

    I blogged during/right after the press conference also. That little bit about being injected by his cousin with a drug bought in the Dominican Republic? What else is there that we still don’t know? He was much to scripted, did not come across as sincere and I think he raised many more questions then he answered! Even the guys on MLB Network were not overly impressed. Good job A-Rod! You just gave this story an extra 9 lives!


  2. raysrenegade

    Why is it that I was having a deja vu moment when President Richard Nixon was talking about Watergate and sounded forgiving on network television. I agree that he had to tell the truth, but I still feel he is only telling the truth we know about, and not the whole episode and its entire contents.

    Hopefully he was smarter than Tricky Dick and destroyed the tapes.

    Rays Renegade

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