If Abreu Accepts…

     If Bobby Abreu accepts the one year, $8 million deal from the White Sox, then the White Sox will have some flexibility.

     Bobby Abreu is an above average player, poor defensively, but solid offensively.  At this point in his career, Abreu is not to be built around, as he could have been in his earlier days.  So if a team understands that Abreu is now a solid role-player–and they definitely seem to understand that given his lack of contract offers–then the team will be acquiring a helpful piece of the puzzle. 

     Bobby Abreu was a great player for some time.  His defense must have been overrated, because I find it hard to believe that he was a legitimate Gold Glover.  But his offense, was very, very good for a period of time.  Ten of Abreu’s last eleven seasons have been of OPS+’s 120 or greater.  There was a seven year period, 1998-2004, where Abreu posted nothing lower than 136.  Abreu is a career .300 hitter, with a .405 OBP, and a slugging percentage just two points short of .500.  But if he does give in, and accepts a one year deal, the White Sox will be receiving a solid player, but understand that this is not the same Bobby Abreu that Phillies fans remember. 

     A one year deal is very good for the White Sox organization.  2009 should be Abreu’s best remaining year, definitely the best opportunity for his best remaining year, as he will only get older.  And I think that Abreu could very well post an OPS+ of around 120, again, as he did in 2008. 

     This would also create flexibility as I mentioned.  And although there is no established big league player to play center, yet, Jermaine Dye could possibly be moved in order to begin the replenishing of the farm system.  Kenny Williams seems mostly bright, but there is a serious lack of quality down below.  And if the White Sox want to be contenders in the future, then this will need to be addressed.  Abreu won’t surrender a draft pick, and Abreu won’t tie up a bunch of money in future years.  Dye probably won’t bring back any stud players, but he might bring back a few nice pieces.  Dye will turn 35 this year, so the club shouldn’t count on him being a part of the future.  And this could be his last season under contract (mutual option in 2010) so again, the club shouldn’t count on him being a part of the future.

     They don’t have to trade Dye, even if they sign Abreu.  But if they want to compete in 2009, having Abreu would allow them to make a trade, and the team wouldn’t suffer too much this season.  Both Dye and Abreu are considered among the worst RF’s in the game according to Dewan’s Plus/Minus.  And offensively they are pretty close, giving the edge to Dye, maybe.  Jermaine had a great year in 2006, but the surrounding years are nothing special.  There is no reason to think that Abreu should not be roughly what Dye is as an all-around player next season. 

     So signing Abreu would be wise.  The White Sox would get him for a very reasonable price, no long term committment.  Really, not even much short term committment.  And then they could make a trade including Jermaine Dye if they wish to pursue that direction, as they have been rumored to have been interested in that route.  Of course, if they do not trade Dye, then there may be a problem getting everyone their AB’s.  



  1. redstatebluestate

    It seems like someone would have to go to make room for Abreu. Quentin’s in LF, presumably Anderson in CF (who else can play it?) and then two big batted RFs? With Thome DHing, there’s no room for both Dye and Abreu. Paulie’s not gonna sit and Thome ain’t gonna play 1B. I’m a little perplexed…. I usually am whenever Williams does something.

  2. joefromnewhampshire

    Which is why they must be trying to trade someone. Because none of those guys should be riding the pine, except maybe on a great team.

  3. raysrenegade

    That would make Jermain Dye even more available for a trade, since they bot play the same position. With Quentin, Anderson pretty much to the left of these two giants, it might be the odd man gets sent out of town if Abreu accepts that package.

    you know someone will need a power bat by the end of Spring Training, or before. Can either play first base? That could be an option in case Paul Konerko has a bad start, or an injury kicks someone down a notch.

    Rays Renegade


  4. joefromnewhampshire

    I haven’t heard of either of these guys being able to play 1st. Thome can, but he is older. If for some reason Konerko is terrible I guess it would be a possibility to move Thome to first and let one of either Abreu or Dye DH. They have too many DH’s on this team.

  5. pinstripepride3

    Having watched Abreu closely for the past couple of seasons, I would say that he may be one of the streakiest hitters I’ve ever seen. He goes into some really bad slumps where his mechanics are off, but when he gets hot he’s on fire. Even when he’s slumping he still gets his walks. Defensively, he takes poor routes to the ball and he seems much slower in the fields than he does on the basepaths, but he has a deadly arm. Baserunners usually stop running as soon as he touches the ball, and if they don’t they are generally thrown out. I think the White Sox would definitely get a bargain with the offer that’s on the table.


  6. joefromnewhampshire

    Who needs to actually watch the games when there are numbers? Jk. I do watch a lot of baseball to go with my stats. Abreu doesn’t seem to have much range at wall. Every wall looks like the movie “The Grudge” to him. And yes, he does have a strong arm. DH would be the best fit for him though, as lack of range is most detrimental to a team, from a defensive standpoint.

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