Bonds tests positive.

     2009:  Someone out to get Bonds: “Gosh, I wish I had a urine sample that had positive results lying within its sealed container.  But its too late to get a sample from Barry that will test positive.  Oh wait, there is one right there!  Never thought that I would find a Bonds urine sample while I was walking down the street…in Detroit.  Now we have the evidence to get the All Time Home Run leader…”



  1. bigpapi72

    From what I’ve read Bonds did test positive . . . but it was on steroids that weren’t banned. So he can’t be punished stupid loop holes.


  2. tyco551

    poor poor cheater bonds has to stop lying and say yes i did use steriods cause everybody knows that he did use it

  3. PWHjort

    Am I the only one that understands the sarcastic tone of this piece? If it’s any condolences, I think it’s hilarious and I agree with where you’re coming from. This is meaningless. Also, good for Bonds, the judge dismissed the validity of it, further exemplifying what a farce this whole thing is.

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