The Annual Joba Debate.

     Joba Chamberlain will never, ever, be as dominant, per inning, as a starter, than he was as a reliever.  If that is what you are searching for, a reliever that can throw 98-100 MPH for an inning or two at a time, while striking out 12.75 batters per nine innings, then fine.  If you are searching for those same numbers as a starter, then, Good Luck!  But there is a reason that Joba appears more dominant in the pen, it’s because he can max out and increase his velocity to its fullest, because its easier to do that over a shorter period of time.  It doesn’t mean that he is “better,” or more “valuable” in the bullpen. 

     This is a debate that the media salivates over.  Bloggers all over, experts everywhere, analysts around, they all debate this.  Joba Chamberlain HAS ALWAYS BEEN A STARTER.  Why not give him a shot at the Major League level?  It isn’t as though Joba started 12 games, and had an ERA over 5.00.  Or that Joba struggled some in the minors in the beginning games.  Joba has had success starting at every level, that he has ever played at, ever, ever, ever.  His Minor League numbers indicate pure dominance:  88 innings, 135 K’s, 27 walks, 2.45 ERA.  Ok, that is the minors.  So what about the Majors?  65 Innings, 74 K’s, 25 walks, 2.76 ERA.  Pretty good, right?  It is a small sample, Joba did give up sixty hits, so it wasn’t as though he was “unhittable.”  But do you remember this past season when Joba dominated the Red Sox and threw a shutout against Josh Beckett?  Well, that is an indicator of what he is capable of.  Learning to throw in the Big Leagues is a process, there is time that it takes to make the transisition, especially since the Yankees placed him in the bullpen first. 

     Believe me, I understand when people consider him to be a better option as a dominant reliever, because they have seen him do it at the Major League level.  But what I saw last season, and what I see in the numbers, Majors and Minors, is that Joba can be a good starter, maybe even great, although I don’t want to label anyone great, those expectations are ,well, great.  He just needs the chance to prove it.  If he gets the chance, pitches well, everyone will forget about Joba the reliever.  And as far as I am concerned, Joba the starter is > Joba the reliever. 


  1. King_of_New_York

    CC is a number 1 starter, Wang is between a 1 and a 2, Burnett is a 2, Joba, by the time he gets better, could be between a 1 and 2, and Hughes, when he gets better could get to a 2-3. That’s a dominant future rotation full of number one and two starters, in my opinion.
    King Yankees

  2. joefromnewhampshire

    I agree, there are other questions though. But I think putting everyone in the best situation, Joba in the rotation, is important. I think saying Joba is a 2 or 3 is safer and more realistic in 2009 though. He definitely could be a 1, but I think he needs some time, although he may not. And Burnett is a question mark, between a 2 and 3 in my opinion, but oft-injured.

  3. joefromnewhampshire

    But Rivera is under contract for two more years. I think they have plenty of time to try and find another closer. I just believe that a good starter is more valuable than a good closer.

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