NFL Playoff Predictions.

     *Playoff predictions should be taken loosely and should not be used when wagering*

     Falcons 34 Cardinals 27     Matt Ryan has been proving everyone wrong, all year long.  I see no reason for that to stop, against a poor defense.  Maybe Ryan struggles a little out of the gate, but they should be able to run the ball at will while his emotions adjust to a playoff atmosphere, if those emotions even run wild in the first place, as Ryan seems to be cool under pressure.  The Cardinals rushing offense ranked 32nd in the NFL.  32ND!  And they have a below average defense which was scorched down the stretch.  The only reason the Cardinals are even in the playoffs is because they play in a horrid division.  But the game IS in Arizona, and it isn’t as though the Cards are a BAD team.  So with all that I think it is fairly close, although Atlanta is the better team and should prevail.

     Colts 30 Chargers 24     Peyton Manning is the league’s MVP, and deserving of the nomination.  Phillip Rivers had a decent case too, although the winner was the correct choice.  The Chargers couldn’t run the football this season, and they couldn’t play defense.  That isn’t Rivers’ fault.  But the Colts are more complete, and have the best quarterback currently healthy.  Their defense has flaws, but isn’t atrocious.  And did I mention that Manning is the best? 

     Ravens 23 Dolphins 15   The Ravens are simply better, but they are not unbeatable.  Pennington has been as good as most quarterbacks this year, and he can move the football.  Which is more important than being able to throw it further then the defense extends, unless of course a QB can do BOTH.  The Dolphins are closer to average then they are great, but the game should be close and more of a defensive struggle.  The Ravens are simply too good on defense, even if their offense isn’t incredibly potent. 

     Eagles 27 Vikings 16   The Eagles, when they balance their offense, are clearly the better team.  But the balance has been non existent in basically 12 of the Eagles regular season games.  However, the Eagles can stop the run AND the pass.  The Vikings can only do one of those.  The one advantage the Vikings have is that they can run better then just about anyone in football.  But they are not dangerous throwing the football, and they cannot stop the pass either.  If the right Eagles offense shows up, they should win without breathing hard, but the RIGHT Eagles offense did not show merely two weeks ago (although give credit to the Redskins D, too).      



  1. kozmo

    Two of four, but well done and soundly reasoned on the whole, Joe. The Bolts-Colts could have gone either way. You were right on the money about your Eagles versus the Vikings. Jeez, poor Jackson. It looked as though the Eagles knew what was coming every play, jumping routes and watching Jackson’s eyes lock in. Good for you–and McNabb, whom I’ve always admired.
    Jason from The Heartland

  2. joefromnewhampshire

    The Eagles did win without much balance this time though. The Vikings took away the run, even without Pat Williams. They did a good job of that. But McNabb made some critical passes, simply to keep the ball in the hands of the offense, and the defense was awesome, again, especially in the second half.

    Thanks, Raoul. Sorry about the Cowboys. Sorry for you, not the Cowboys. I can’t stand that team. 🙂

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