A Few Thoughts.

  •       The Giants made a wise signing today, inking Randy Johnson to a one year $8 million deal.  Everything one needs to know about the signing Keith Law discusses in his blog.  The $8 million may seem a little high to some for a 45 year old pitcher, on a team that wasn’t exactly a good team last season.  But for a pitcher who has thrown over 184 innings in four of the last five seasons, that ain’t bad.  And three of those seasons were 200+ innings a year.  Plus, Johnson is signed to only one year, making it less risky, and as Law points out, the Giants play in a bad division, the worst in baseball.  Acquiring Randy Johnson gives the Giants a little more hope that they can compete for the division, although getting a bat is almost imperative.  One other thing is that Randy Johnson is close to his 300th win.  And the Giants crowd wouldn’t mind seeing a milestone reached that they don’t have to second guess, I am sure of that. 

  • This is Rob Neyer’s take on the Red Sox and Teixeira.  Neyer agrees that the Red Sox didn’t need Teixeira.  He too explains that the odds are against Lars Anderson ever becoming as good, however, he also adds that Anderson could very well come close to the same production down the road. 

  • Haven’t heard any news on the Red Sox catching situation.  Address this, Theo, so whoever the new catcher is can get in as soon as possible and start learning his new staff.

  • I wonder what it would take to get Joe Mauer…?  🙂


  1. mikeeff

    i just heard that more “conversations” are taking place with varitek. they really should move on, but as a yankee fan i hope you re-sign him.

    i wonder what it really would take to get mauer. my guess no less than lester+ a top prospect ( anderson) and maybe a B prospect as well.

    what about you?

  2. joefromnewhampshire

    I have heard that everyone in the organization values Varitek’s game calling skills, apparently, even Bill James. So with their resident statistician, one of the greatest statistical minds (baseball wise) ever, it may be hard for them to let go of Varitek.

    As for Mauer, I guess that would get it done.

    Julia, yes, I agree, we do.

  3. PAUL

    Now Joe, you know my assessment of the Johnson signing was posted before Law’s; and you know I said the Red Sox didn’t need Teixeira first as well. I’m not interested in being the object of your man-crush a la Law, but some credit where credit’s due, huh?
    And Lester and a couple of prospects weren’t enough to get Johan Santana, so it won’t be enough to get Mauer either. Mauer’s signed through 2010 as well; if he does become available, it won’t be until after next year at the earliest; plus he’s from Minnesota and they’re not going to let him go so easily. He’ll take shorter money than he’d get on the market to stay and they’ll pay to keep him.

  4. joefromnewhampshire

    I link to you sometimes, Paul. Lester also has more value now then he did, since he had a great year last season, but it still might not be enough.

  5. bostonredsoxgirl46

    No new catcher for the Red Sox please! I want my classic Jason Varitek!! I hadn’t heard that the Giants signed Randy Johnson. If he can be consistent… then they have him and Linceum in the rotation, so that’s pretty good. The bat they’re looking for could be Manny I suppose. Better than him going to the Yankees! I think Lars Anderson definitely has potential. I’m going to do a full scouting report on him when I go to Spring Training– the only bright spot of living in Florida (besides Red Sox vs Rays games).

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