I can make a small argument for why I think Mauer was the MVP, but Pedroia is deserving as well.  126 OPS+, very good D at second base, and very entertaining.  I am glad that he is on my team. 


  1. joefromnewhampshire

    I haven’t gotten much pub from the Mlblogs homepage lately, but this is the blog that is featured (with other bloggers about Pedroia). Well any is good I guess.

  2. pinstripepride3

    Mauer’s OPS+ of 137 as a gold glove catcher is much more impressive. Morneau (also at 137) would have been a better choice than Pedroia, as would Hamilton (136 and all those RBIs). If the voters were looking for a member of the Red Sox, Kevin Youkilis (143) would have been a much better choice.

  3. kozmo

    I think Pedroia was the right call, and I personally didn’t think that Youkilis’s excellent year should have detracted from evaluating Pedroia’s value, as it appeared to for Mark Feinsand–who voted for Morneau. Pedroia was excellent, even more so as the Ramirez soap opera unfolded and others such as Lowell got hurt. The guy is a balls-out ball player, period, deserving of the MVP.

  4. joefromnewhampshire

    Mike, someone will, eventually…

    Pinstripe, Pedroia may not have hit quite like Morneau, hitting well though anyway. But he added much more defensively than Morneau did. My choice was Mauer, but Youk, Pedroia, Sizemore, even Cliff Lee would have been difficult to argue.

    Jason, Pedroia was a good call, yes. Pedroia definitely has help on that team though, which is why I don’t care for evaluating a player as an MVP or not on whether or not their team made the playoffs, or the quality of team. Which is why I included Grady and Cliff Lee above. But really, one can argue for someone other than Pedroia, but they would be arguing against a very good candidate.

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