Swisher in Pinstripes.

     Someone not too long ago wrote that this made sense…



  1. joefromnewhampshire

    I don’t know, but they are probably still interested in Tex. If they could move an OF, it would help a lot. Nady could come off the bench and start at times I guess.

  2. kozmo

    Joe, on mentioning the Yanks getting Swisher previously, you’re the man. Will you please set aside the server’s attire and get your *** in school for sports journalism? Seriously, already. Just remember who backed you way back when, Mike F. and I.

    On Swisher, I think the trade for him is good defensively at first base. Like you Joe, I don’t think he goes .219/.332 next year, no way. I think he’s more like .270/.375 in that lineup. I am not convinced that the Yankees are necessarily shedding payroll as much as concentrating it on pitching now, at least for two starters. It says a lot to me, including the focus on the staff. The Yanks mean business on that, and I bet they offer Sabathia $5 million more over the life of the contract, at least, than the Mets gave Santana.

    Swisher is there to play first. I saw him play center. He’s not all bad, but plays too shallow for someone with mediocre speed. I think the job is Gardner’s to lose in 2009, but he must hit. Swisher is versatile and that’s good, since he can play some OF. But he’s not someone whom the Yankees should slot in CF to start the year. I just don’t see that.

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