NFL Picks, Week 10

     Falcons 31 Saints 27

     Bears 19 Titans 16

     Jaguars 26 Lions 22
     Dolphins 27 Seahawks 18

     Vikings 27 Packers 24

     Patriots 21  Bills 19

     Jets 21  Rams 20

     Ravens 29 Texans 26

     Panthers 30 Raiders 13

     Colts 20 Steelers 17

     Chargers 31 Chiefs 21

     Eagles 27 Giants 23

     Cardinals 34  49ers 19


  1. joefromnewhampshire

    I don’t gamble, and I saw you posted this last time, haha. I mean I will do an occasional five dollar bet on a playoff game with a friend at work or something, but I don’t actually gamble. And aside from the Colts Steelers outcome I will most likely be 9-1 straight up before tonight’s game. I wasn’t taking into account the spread when I picked, nor am I going to see how I did against the spread when I am finished.

  2. joefromnewhampshire

    Yes it was exciting, but the Giants are definitely a better team. The Eagles have flaws that are going to be their downfall, if they even make the playoffs. 0-3 in the divsion, they just aren’t good enough to finish off good teams. aside from Pittsburgh and Atlanta at home.

  3. PAUL

    I guess you’re never gonna crawl out of your closet long enough to acquire some courage to confront me directly or start a blog of your own and continue making your snide little comments hoping that others will fight your battles for you or that I won’t respond. I actually have sympathy for you since you’re such an impotent little man with an addled little mind who’s so obsessed with me that you can’t leave well enough alone.

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