Be Wary of the Holliday.

     I love this quote that was found within a Jerry Crasnick article:

“I’m not sure that anyone gives up the necessary package for a one-year
Scott Boras client with a big home-road split,” said an AL executive.


  1. Byrne

    Thanks for the post over on my blog.
    I appreciate your heavily statistic approach (Bill James forever!)

    On Burnett vs. Lowe:
    The most telling statistic that separates these two pitchers is their WHIP (in my opinion). Burnett, who has only pitched 200 or more innings twice in the last six seasons has a career WHIP of 1.284 whereas Lowe has a 1.268. The difference may not be much, but considering Lowe has pitched 200 innings, or nearly that many, in every one of the last six seasons and his WHIP is inflated by his 2004 numbers, he’s a much better option.

    I support your opinion –

    On another note – I refrain from mentioning my view of how the Jays should rethink their entire roster/direction because as long as we’re in the JP Riccardi era, an era in which JP commonly has been heard to make comments on the radio/tv as to how happy/unwilling to make major changes he is concerning the team I just don’t think we’ll see major changes.


  2. mikeeff

    i know you’ve never been a fan of holliday but as an OBP guy maybe you should note that his OBP is about the same home and away. he also hits .302 away from home–hardly a slouch on the road

  3. mikeeff

    hey i just heard on the radio that Holliday is going to the Athletics.

    i guess billy beane will be preparing to package him mid-season…

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