Only Two Remain…


     The Rays deserve to win and were the best team in the American League this season, and most likely the best in all of baseball.  I don’t agree with Sean Casey staying on the bench in the seventh inning, as he could have batted for either Varitek or Cora.  I also would have pinch run Ellsbury for Ortiz in the 8th.  Buck Martinez stated that the reason they didn’t was because of the chance that the game might go into extras.  “Extras” do not come without a tie game in regulation.  The seventh inning move may or may not have mattered, the 8th inning did not, ultimately.  But the Rays were the best team.  They had a good run differential, won 97 games, and won the American League with a tightly contested, seven game series.  By the way, there is no one that scared me more out of the pen than David Price, and that was before he retired four of five batters with truly electric stuff.  Number one starter is his if he chooses to grab it in the next few seasons.  Congratulations, Rays.

One comment

  1. mikeeff

    well you guys just never quit–i gotta hand it to your team. i know you’re disappointed, but you took it to game 7 of the CS.

    but yeah–price is going to be a pain in our collective *****

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