Francona has been a master of the bullpen in his postseason career.  But NOT going to the pen when Beckett clearly is being pounded by Rays hitters is a terrible move.  How many runs must a starter have to give up in order to be pulled from a game?  The answer tonight is seven, with an eighth run being charged to Beckett after he was removed from the game.  Stupid mistake by Francona, and if they win the game it will be erased from our short memories.  But it is no less a mistake, the team must be placed in the best position possible to succeed, and Francona did not put them in that position tonight.  Solid manager, but terrible non-move tonight.   

One comment

  1. mikeeff

    he sticks with dice-bb too long in my opinion as well, but that always seems to work out. as a sox fan it must be painful to watch him despite all his “wins”

    as far as leaving beckett in too long-i agree.

    but a great series so far –

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