The Los Angeles Annihilators of Anaheim.


     It is pretty clear that the Angels are the best team in baseball right now.  In fact, it is close to definite.  But they aren’t so good that they will win 11 of 13 in a 4 week span against the Red Sox and Yankees, with any consistency.  They happen to be playing out of their mind right now.  Adding Teixera gave the Angels favoritism amongst most of us, but I still thought that they would have a few offensive struggles, and I still believe they will.  They aren’t going to be beating up on good teams, this badly, for the rest of the year.  But the point of the Teixera trade was that the Angels became an above average offense.  And an above average offense to go along with a very good pitching staff, is well, a formula for a World Series appearence, and win.  This actually reminds me of the 2004 Red Sox.  I know they won the Wild Card, and weren’t running away with the division like the Angels are, but that was because of the variables.  The Red Sox won 98 games that year, and the first place Yankees won 101.  But the Red Sox that season, post trade deadline, went out West and killed opponents, solid opponents.  After winning 12 of 13 against various teams, they started playing the teams that resided out West, at home in Fenway.  3 against the Angels, 3 against the Rangers, then West for three against Oakland, four against Seattle.  They finished 10-3 over that stretch.  And went 20-2 from August 16th-September 18th.  Obviously the styles of play are different.  The Angels of course are notorious for “small ball” while the Red Sox “wait” around for the “long ball.”  But that 2004 team had a dominant run, and now these 2008 Angels are experiencing a dominant! run as well. 


     Point being…when a team gets this hot, this late, it is kind of scary.     






  1. mikeeff

    nice piece–damn i hate that team–

    but i’ll tell you, the yanks were ahead in all three games. to be honest–we handed them those wins more than they earned them… we almost no RISP hitting and a bullpen that almost made the mets pen look good.

    tex was a huge addition and i have a feeling that they will make a real run at keeping him. why give up a really nice and cheap player with a high ceiling like kotchman if they weren’t serious. if it is looked at just as a rental then more power too them–they see this as their chance to win it all…

    i’ll be rooting for the cubs , thank you.


    I just can’t get myself to believe they’re that good; i’m letting the stats overrule the victories i see with my eyes. no one hitter in that lineup is particularly scary, and many have low obp’s. i just can’t get over that fact. but if they keep winning, well…

  3. steve_t

    I’m hoping they cool down a bit over the next six weeks. They’ve been a buzzsaw, but not a lot of teams can play at that level all year long. If they stay hot they’ll sweep their way through the playoffs. The fan in me says the Sox will find a way to win, but the realist wishes the Sox could play like LA of Anaheim. If I were a bettin’ man I’d go with my hunch that’s tellin’ me an NL team will take home the WS trophy this year.

    Steve T

  4. joefromnewhampshire

    If you mean you wish the Sox could play like Anaheim because they are winning a bunch of games against good teams, then obviously I agree. But if you are referring to their style of play, I don’t necessarily like the small ball approach from OUR standpoint. We have the bats to wait for the home run, something they haven’t had the past few years. I actually like the Red Sox approach, power, OBP, mixing in a few steals, and bunting when it makes more sense. But that is based on the players the Sox have. Of course, if you wish for their style of play for entertainment purposes, then I understand that too.

  5. kozmo

    Steve and kingjonah, I see what you’re saying about the Angels’ hot streak but must disagree to a degree. The Angels can play that hot for a stretch, and it isn’t asking them to play that well “all year long,” just the last two months. Teams can do that and have, especially in recent years. Heck, teams like St. Louis in 2006 can do that for three weeks and win a World Series.

    I agree with Mike above. I don’t see the Angels making this trade–pending free agents notwithstanding–just to let Teixeria go. I don’t see it. That team is red hot and has the ability to do the right things, what’s necessary based upon the situation, to win and in a variety of ways–pitching, power, running, defense. They have “IT.”

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