* The Greatest Player Who Ever Lived *


     Assuming Barry Bonds has been hitting the cage this season, or more accurately, this “offseason” for him, I am kind of thinking that someone not signing him was an opportunity missed.  Of course, I cannot mock a front office for not wanting to take in a player with the negative invisible surroundings that do in fact clearly surround Barry Bonds.  Bonds would bring more media to a team than most ever have, more criticism would be shrewn upon whomever were to be the “ink” on the other end of a Bonds contract.  But I also know that some teams desperately needed a corner outfielder, or a DH.  And Bonds was simply, and is simply, the cost of a very small amount of money.  Small amount for a baseball organization anyway. 


     This I truly believe.  After all Barry Bonds has been through, mostly due to his own actions.  He would be willing to put aside his ego, at least in the publics eye, in order to play for a few months on a contending team.  Some of his desire may be simply trying to prove that steroids weren’t the reason he was so great.  If he came in for two months with the new testing program in place, and played well, then some may change their stance on him.  I for one think that Bonds would just welcome the opportunity to do what he has always done, play the game of baseball, even if it were only for another 150 plate appearences or so.


     Some see a clubhouse disaster when Barry Bonds’ name lingers around in the media in whichever given city, I see an opportunity, a business opportunity, for a team in need.  I don’t blame the ones who are skeptical of Bonds being acquired, but I think that he would just play the game if he were signed for the remaining games in a season that is closing out a little faster than I want it to. 


     I kept saying to coworkers that if Manny were to be traded, then Bonds would be the best option to take his place.  I know, I know, no need to replace one cancer with another.  But again I state, I don’t think Bonds would be much of a cancer for the final two months.  Little did I know that Theo could bring back a good player like Jason Bay, because at the time when discussions were with the Florida Marlins, I was under the impression that Theo would just obtain some more prospects to deepen the aready deep Farm system, and all but give away the current season. 


     But the thing about Bonds is that if he does wrong, if he becomes a distraction, then the team could simply tell him to walk.  There are no long term repercussions, there are no financial obligations that would matter to a ballclub, whatever ballclub, with so much money.  And for a team like the New York Mets, rather than entertaining the likes of acquiring a player like Raul Ibanez, could have had Barry Bonds for free. 


     I mean maybe I am in the minority here, maybe some will call me crazy thinking that Bonds could stay under control of his gigantic, selfish ego, more selfish than that of most.  But I am a believer that Barry Bonds would want to play a few months, and walk away from the game feeling a little better about what just happened, what just transpired.  Call me crazy, call me whatever, these are just my views.   

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