Joba vs. Beckett


     An absolute GEM of a pitchers duel last night.  Two arms that light up the radar guns with great fastballs, while mixing in pretty darn good secondary stuff as well.  Joba is going to be a legitimate front end starter, if he is not there already.  And rather than leaving it somewhat broad at “front end starter” I would declare him to be a future ace.  However, “Ace” isn’t exactly an easy status to earn, and it is difficult to come by for any pitcher, no matter the talent, at such a young age.  But we already knew this, right?  I listen to the scouts for this sort of thing, Keith Law in particular, and they have been saying all along that he will become a number one starter, or at least close to it.  But Chamberlain is coming along quite nicely.  And all those naysayers who believe that a set up man/reliever has as much value as a dominant starter, where are you now?  Joba dominated for seven innings last night.  Don’t expect seven innings of shutout ball each night, but it is just an indication of his worth, and what could take place on any given night.


     As for Beckett, he was great too.  There was trouble on the basepaths throughout the game, but other than a few hard hit singles up the middle, he controlled the Yankees bats nearly as well as a pitcher can.  There was not a single extra base hit, and he let only one scamper to first base without nudging the ball into play.  There were weakly hit balls that fell in.  And as Remy noted, the cutter was the “cause” of three hits.  But none of those three singles were hit well at all, one being Giambi’s slowly hit grounder opposite the shift.  Beckett threw a GEM as well, Joba was just a little better. 




  1. mikeeff

    yes it was quite a game—sorry you didn’t hang around longer, but with that jack *** tim the wiz screaming BS in Caps all night who could blame you for leaving. any word on delcarmen? hope he’s OK

  2. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Joe …

    We may not agree on who the greatest ballplayer ever is … I say Babe Ruth; you say, Barry Bonds – but, we both are in total agreement about the great game the Yankees and Red Sox played Friday night … It was a true classic, and as you said, “an absolute GEM of a pitchers duel” … [between Joba and Beckett] … Hey, that second inning was the key inning of the game for Joba and the Yankees … Without that awesome diving catch by Melky, and then the great 4-6-3 double play turned by the Yankees [started by the great snag of the ball up the middle – by Cano] – who knows, the result could have been much different – in favor of the Red Sox … Both, Joba Chamberlain and Josh Beckett pitched tremendous games, but on this night Joba [and the Yanks] would earn the 1-0 victory… And, of course, Mariano Rivera closed the game out by getting the final five outs for his 26th save … The lead story of the night was Joba, though … In this game he showed everyone in the baseball world why he is in the starting rotation, and not “exiled” in the bullpen … It’s only a matter of time before Joba is crowned the true “Ace” of the Yankees pitching staff !!! … Take care, Joe … I look forward to your future posts and comments, and maybe we will share a few comments on the next HDLR, during tomorrow night’s, Yankees – Red Sox, game, on Jason’s “Heartland Pinstripes” blog … Have a great night, and day !!! … Jimmy [27NYY] …

  3. mikeeff

    when somebody has an absolute definition of an Ace- i’d love to hear it.

    can a team have more than one? or does it define the best pitcher on a team. must he be a power pitcher?

    obviously these are subjective. whatever you wanna call joba- i’ll take what he’s doing. i think everyone expected a few more struggles from him making the transition- no doubt he will have some, but so far, so good.

  4. joefromnewhampshire

    Well, I believe that a team can have more than one “Ace.” And Joba is doing very well right now. It just takes time to be anointed an “Ace.” I don’t know if there is an exact definition of the word when it comes to baseball, but Joba seems to be on his way. But he has pitched as a number one starter this season, if that helps, haha.

    Jimmy, And I don’t disagree when people choose other ballplayers than Bonds as the greatest, because of his ped use. But I do believe in players of today being better. I used Bonds not only because he was great, but also because Jason would never say “the Barry Bonds of closers.” It was supposed to be somewhat funny too, or at least I attempted it to be.

  5. steve_t

    A team can absolutely have more than one ace. The combo I always think of is Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson in Arizona. Brutal. Next year it may be Wang and Chamberlain and don’t rule out the 1-2 punch in ’09 of Beckett and Lester. I really do believe that Jon Lester can be the best lefty in the AL next season.


  6. joefromnewhampshire

    You mean the 1-2-3-4 punch of Beckett-Lester-Dice K-Buchholz 🙂

    Lester is surprising me this year though no doubt. I thought from what I have heard and seen that he could be a number two or three starter. And I predicted he would be an “above average” starter this season. But I didn’t think he would be THIS far above average.

  7. kozmo

    Sorry I didn’t make it over after Friday’s night’s classic, Joe. Yesterday was a very busy day for me. Agreed all around. Beckett was really excellent, with Giambi’s jam-shot into just the right spot in the shift bringing in the game’s only run. Other than that, Beckett didn’t allow much and worked out of whatever trouble he faced. That’s why I was concerned about wasting chances against Beckett; once he gets rolling, he steamrolls teams, even good lineups. Joba was just a bit better, which is saying something. He had everything working, and kudos to Molina for calling a whale of a game.

    And all that crap with Tim the Wizard won’t happen tonight. I figured he settled down, and he did for a while, but why he was THAT riled is a mystery, NY-Boston notwithstanding. I don’t want people–especially good people like you who don’t offend anybody ever–offended by anyone’s untoward nonsense. If you were Friday, I’m genuinely sorry, Joe.

  8. joefromnewhampshire

    Beckett has been good enough this season, but not what he was last year. I think he will finish strong though, as long as he stays healthy. But health is a ? with anyone I guess. His K/BB is still really, really good. 5th in the AL.


    Nice post, Joe.

    Joba is definately a front-line starter; his slider has curveball tilt at near fastball velocity- 87.

    and i know he’s a Yankee ace because I hate him; jeff weaver never provoked such feelings.

    (if ‘ace’ is subjective, what better criterion than my feelings?)


    Nice post, Joe.

    Joba is definately a front-line starter; his slider has curveball tilt at near fastball velocity- 87.

    and i know he’s a Yankee ace because I hate him; jeff weaver never provoked such feelings. (if ‘ace’ is subjective, what better criterion than my feelings?)


    Whoops. Same comment twice. forgot to leave my site. Feel free to delete it. (And this one). Sorry.

  12. welikeroywelikeroy

    I don’t think that being number one on the depth chart is good enough to be considered an ace. You have to be #1 and prove that you can consistant make a quality start for your club. Roy Halladay an ‘ace’, Kevin Millwood is not. Not every team can have an ‘ace’, a pitcher really has to put in his time and earn that label.

  13. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Joe …

    Point well taken, regarding your Bonds comments; and, also, I do know part of the comment was in humor … But, my opinion of Babe Ruth being the greatest player ever goes beyond Barry Bonds’ PED use … In my view, even with the stats Bonds accumulated with the help of PED’s, [overall], Ruth’s numbers “still” are better than the numbers put up by Bonds … Ruth played in the “dead-ball” era, and he hit more homers than “whole teams combined” ; then, you have to consider his World Series records; and, the fact that Ruth was [also] one of the greatest “all-time” pitchers … It’s very sad that Bonds [and, many others] who used PED’s in this “era”, have “tainted” many of the great all-time records … As you know, Baseball is a game in which “numbers” are so important to the history of the sport … The game of baseball will never “die”; but, the players who have used PED’s have greatly damaged the Game’s stats, records, and integrity … A hundred years from now, how will these tainted stats and records be judged, by baseball fans, and historians, of that “era” ? … I think a good way to sum up the whole “Babe Ruth – Barry Bonds” discussion is to state the obvious: “Babe Ruth saved the game of Baseball in the early 1920’s, after the Black Sox Scandal almost totally ruined the Game” … and, “Barry Bonds [and, others, for sure], almost ruined the Game in this era, because of their PED use” … Baseball should honor Babe Ruth, by retiring his [#3] throughout “all of baseball”, so, a hundred year’s from now, there will be no doubt that Babe Ruth is the greatest player of all-time !!! … Take care, Joe … Jimmy [27NYY] …

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