Johan The Very Good?


     One thing that I hate is when discussions occur about Hall of Famers.  And someone on the message board takes it upon his or her self to say, “It is the Hall of Fame, not the Hall of Very Good.”  I’m sorry, maybe others find humor in this, but I cannot stand it.  The first time it might have been ok.  But after reading just about every one of Rob Neyer’s message boards for the past two years, I seem to see it ALL THE TIME now.  And it isn’t as if it’s not accurate either, just annoying. 


     But anyway, Johan was once nicknamed “Johan the Great.”  Or so I have heard.  But the Great Ship may have sailed away and his little canoe may not have the speed to catch up with it.  And unless he comes across a motor on one of the deserted islands he comes across, it is probably on its way, far, far away from Johan.  


     Of course perception does not intersect with reality…again!  I don’t remember which “expert” was talking about it the other day, but they referred to Johan’s performance in defense of his “struggles.”  And they were right!  An ERA+ of 140 going into today’s actions.  95 K’s in 107 IP.  28 walks!  I don’t deny that Santana has lost something.  After all the scouts say it is true.  But it isn’t as if he is some mediocre innings eater either.  And I am skeptical to sit here and say that he will end the year with an ERA+ of 140.  There is a period of adjustment that the hitters are going through, hitters in the NL that aren’t familiar with Santana.  So his numbers may come down just a little, they may not however.  The fact is that he is still a very good pitcher!  Santana is 7th in ERA+ in the NL.  He is 4th in K/BB.  12th in K/9.  Etc, etc, etc.  His ERA has actually gone down since May 10. 


     All of those stats indicate that Santana is still worthy to be mentioned among the top pitchers in the game.  And 107 innings since many of us declared him to be the best pitcher in the game isn’t enough to disqualify him from that status, or at least the status of being ONE of the best pitchers in baseball.  I know that he gives up more home runs nowadays.  And I don’t doubt that he will be closer to what he IS now than what he Was then.  But what he WAS was incredible, and what he IS is very good.  And most teams would love to have a “Very Good” starter anchoring their rotation.         


  1. mikeeff

    yeah- talk about a hard luck month. just ask johan about this june. his last win was on the first, but he pretty much has been excellent since with nothing to show for it except some great stats. it’s a shame for him, and no doubt frustrating as well.

    he pitched pretty well today, but couldn’t match andy who was much more efficient. the walks killed johan today-at first he looked unhittable with 6Ks in the first couple of frames. i thought i was going to be in for a very frustrating day- my only hope was that the yanks would get the timing down on his change. didnt really happen, but he lest the plate instead and then they made him pay.

    of course i agree with you- he’s still a premiere pitcher with elite stuff. it’s hard to reconcile the long contact though joseph–i know what you say about Ws, but a 7-7 record at the end of june just isn’t cutting it.

  2. joefromnewhampshire

    7-7 isn’t cutting it. But don’t we agree that he has pitched better than that record? That is why I don’t care about the fact that he has been a .500 pitcher.

    But it is going to be very difficult for him to earn his contract, that is for sure. But when a player gets paid that much it will be hard for anyone to live up to it.

  3. mikeeff

    yes we absolutely agree- he has pitched very well. the only argument you could make against him is that he doesn’t stay in games longer- especially with that atrocious pen. think about this comparison-moose has gone into the 8th a couple of times and santana has yet too- rarely even going 7.
    i think the Mets are something of a disappointment to him as well as to their fans. i have no doubt he was expecting better run support and defense behind him.

    but what you say is spot on- who indeed can live up to the hype?

    ( PS- hunter pence just gave you a lovely gift)


    yea ur rite johan has lost something….and that something would be the passion/enthusiasm for the game…..and the reason why would be that hes playing for the ny mets…..when johan was playing with the twins he knew he had to go out and perform his absolute best and no less every single start and he enjoyed doing that……with the mets its more of a who cares type attitude i mean he just signed a contract this year worth 130 million plus who cares if you underperform… doesnt help much either that the rest of the team is a bunch of overpaid, overrated, underperforming spoiled athletes…..well i guess johan got what he wanted…….or did he?

  5. natrobayo

    man what a bunch of moronic comments….especially the last one by csmelroe….it’s very biased i’m sure you know how the players are feeling…idiot…..johan could easily be 10-4 if the mets would have scored more runs or not have blown the lead after he’s left…..his era is under 3 i dont think johan has lost anything and as we all know he is a notorious second half pitcher….the team just can’t score runs for him…he’s had 2 or 3 games where he’s pitched gems.


    Is there any team in the bigs that wouldn’t give their collective left nut to have this guy on the staff? As the previous poster notes he is just getting warmed up. So far his off peak performance has been pretty stinkin good. Has he lost something? Doesn’t look like too much.

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