A Terrible Signing.

     When a team is not expected to compete, when competing would only come in the form of a “pipe dream,” they are not supposed to sign guys like this.  This comes after a monster day at the plate to by Jose Guillen.  Something about this signing irks me in every way imaginable..  Where does spending $12 million a season for THREE seasons of this guy make any sense whatsoever, WHATSOEVER, for the Kansas City Royals!  This is a young team, or at least its main core is young, that needs time to develop and add some more pieces to realistically have a shot in a difficult division.  So they go out and sign someone: named in the Mitchell Report, who will probably be in his decline phase as soon as the ink is set, and who isn’t anywhere close to someone that fans will embrace.  This isn’t Eric Byrnes here.  At least, if nothing else, the fans liked that move.  This was a disaster waiting to happen.  And it isn’t even because Guillen is struggling.  I know he is a better player than this, but how much better at this point?  Not good enough to put the Royals into contention, not worth twelve mill, and NOT going to be a good clubhouse presence while the youngsters are developing.  The Milton Bradley signing was different.  Bradley wasn’t expensive and was inked for a only a single season.  And he has been the better player (when he has played that is).  But the one year thing is the key.  Take a chance on the headcase, and let him walk after a year.  If Bradley ends up having a monster season, so be it.  Let him walk and go get a bigger contract somewhere else.  More than one year would have been foolish for an injury prone, hothead like Milton.  Now I haven’t heard either of them having any kind of tantrum in 2008, but the chance that Guillen could go off is greater over a period of three years.  I don’t know how I would be as a GM, probably call the wrong team in interest of acquiring a player (See: last blog entry).  But I know I wouldn’t have made this signing, and I know I would have been right. 


Note:  One signing also should not sum up a GM’s resume, but THIS signing I will continue to criticize, even when Guillen gets back on track.   


  1. mikeeff

    didn’t he have a big blowup at his team last week? i know ozzie G did, but i’m pretty sure this guy went off on his teammates. anyway, i agree. a ridiculous signing

  2. joefromnewhampshire

    Well, like you said, Maddon should have waited if they were going to throw at Crisp, because they needed Shields to win that game. So that wasn’t the smartest of decisions.

  3. steve_t

    Here’s what Guillen said last week, to the humiliation of his own teammates (expletives deleted):

    “Too many babies here. They don’t know how to play the game and win the game right, the way it’s supposed to be played. And that’s the problem here. Now I know why this organization’s been losing for a while. Now I know.”

    Hey Dayton Morre, give your guy an extension! Jeez.


  4. joefromnewhampshire

    Jose Guillen chose to go there knowing there would be rough times. But he took the money. He can only blame himself.

  5. joefromnewhampshire

    Oh, and if the money outweighs the situation he is in then fine for him. But don’t get upset when a young team that isn’t all that talented struggles.

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