Don’t worry about Teixera.

     I have been hearing much about Mark Teixera as a notoriously “slow starter.”  And the numbers back this theory up.  So the Braves and others need not worry, he will begin hitting again.


     Before today’s game, in which he homered, Tex was barely above average offensively.  His OPS+ sat at 105, and that is well below his career tally of 129.  Being the weaker part of one of the best 3-4 combos in baseball can only emphasize his “struggles.”  Especially when the other half of that Dynamic Duo is batting .420 after the action that took place today.  Teixera’s OPS in the month of April sits at .787, not horrendous, but not very good for a player of his caliber.  Every other month, over the course of his career, he has an OPS of at least .876, which is nearly .100 points higher!  And at the end of the year he has been simply ridiculous in his production posting a .952 OPS in August, and an astounding .989 OPS in September.  For those of you who think that the games later in the year mean more (which they don’t), then Teixera is your guy.  Aside from the playoff games of course, which do mean more, but Teixera has never been that far into a season, which isn’t exactly his fault.  Blame the Texas Rangers’ front office for that. 


     But if the Braves let Teixera walk, which seems to be very likely, then there will be a heck of a hitter available (And a good defensive 1B too).  I would be hesitant to lock him up for seven years or something obnoxious like that.  But if a team could grab him for four years, then it would be a huge plus.  Because anything beyond that is suspect, and unknown.  Of course even the first four years are “unkown,” technically speaking.   


  1. Raoul

    Joe, before you get too worked up about Ortiz’s injury,
    Read my comment back in March on your Ryan Zimmerman blog.
    The comment was on Apr 1 at 1:52pm.

    I am excited to see what CC can do in the majors.

  2. joefromnewhampshire

    I remember you mentioning that he had power to all fields. I am not too worked up about Ortiz’s injury as long as it isn’t TOO long. A month or so isn’t bad, but if he was out for the year or something then I would be worried, obviously.

  3. Raoul

    If Ortiz is out a month he is the one that should be worried

    about getting his job back.
    Chris Carter had the crowd going “Owwww” and “Awwwww” with every swing.
    Women fainted, men made women sounds.
    Lowing flying fowl were at risk.

    The FAA has restrictions on where he is allowed to bat.
    He hit one over the scoreboard and it wasn’t even the scoreboard for that park.

  4. mikeeff

    i’m glad coco went after shields today. those rays are shady and joe maddon is a creep. johnny “loser” gomes is involved in every possible brawl. i HATE that team.

  5. mikeeff

    and BTW how idiotic is it for them to have their starter ( and 2nd best pitcher) out of the game in the 2nd inning when you’re trying to avoid being swept? now he’ll get suspended and they will lose tonight .

    bad baseball . bad managing. if you wanna hit coco- get him in the 8th inning

  6. Raoul

    Well, at least Crist got Carter into the game.
    I’m disappointed with two singles.

    Still, he is batting .667 which probably leads the majors.
    He’ll just have to build on that.

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