What I Believe…

     Here’s what I think:  Hitters really want the use of Instant Replay to come into the game of baseball.  So, to push the subject, they are aiming to hit home runs that barely make it over the wall, to increase the odds that a controversial call will take place.  Yes, hitters have that kind of bat control, folks.  They aren’t trying to simply put a good bat on the ball, or to drive it as far as humanly possible, they are trying to hit off the most unique spot, the most difficult spot for the umps to make the RIGHT call.  I am not making this stuff up…


     Another good article on Jeter.  Although Yankee fans may hate it.  But it is just another explanation about how Jeter is not perfect (A Hall of Famer, no doubt though), and his defense has never been anywhere close.  I stole the link from Rob Neyer, who stole it from JoPo.  Jeter Article.

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