Instant Replay?

     Since the subject seems to be discussed throughly of late, with the two recent homers that were wrongfully called, I must address it myself.  Just implement instant replay already, as soon as possible!  But only, ONLY, for whether a ball is a home run, or not.  Fair, Foul, whatever.  As long as it is strictly used to view whether a batted ball is a four-bagger or not. 


     Tim Kurkjian was on “First and 10” or “Sportscenter,” or something this morning, or last night.  Sometime, somewhere, he was on, discussing what he thought about the situation.  And his opinion was that he felt it should only be used to determine whether a home run is fair ball or a foul ball.  I agree and disagree, as I have already stated above.  Use it only on homers, THAT we agree upon.  But use it on all homers, not just the ones near the foul pole.  I have seen some at Fenway, wrongfully called, because it is so difficult to see from where the umps are standing.  Imagine trying to figure out in a split second whether or not a baseball is in play, or over a “line” as it appears from afar, all while standing and looking up at 37-feet of wall.  It is very hard to see that from where they are.  


     Why haven’t they already established instant replay in baseball?  Because it is do difficult for people to accept change?  This isn’t going to be like the NFL if they go on and do it.  Because it is a rare occasion when a home run is mis-called, it just happens to have occured two times in a very short period of time…to the same team.  It won’t happen every game.  Technology has advanced, take advantage of it baseball.  And don’t tell me that the cost will be to much for the league to handle, because it will not be.  This is a feature that will improve the game and will help get the most influential call, the home run, right.     


  1. mikeeff

    as long as this does not lead us down the slippery slope…and you know what i’m talking about. every single aspect of the game rehashed and dissected. personally i’d rather leave the instant replay for homers out only because i fear opening pandora’s box.

  2. joefromnewhampshire

    I agree, just homers. And they have to be strict about not using it for anything else.

  3. kozmo

    I think there should be instant replay for scoring plays only, which for me would include calls at the plate. I don’t want to see the human element of umpiring taken out of the game. I just think that scoring plays are too important to screw up. I’m much more interested in the homers screwed up, which is the far bigger problem lately, than blown calls at home, of which there have been few notably bad ones.

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